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Best 20 Gallon Fish Tanks 2020

Best 20 Gallon Fish Tanks 2020

The 20 gallon tanks has been called many names, but one that truly stands out is “The best beginner tank”, as some would call it. In many ways, that statement is true. As an entry-level tank, it is quite affordable, and it is easier to set up. The main reason for this is that most 20 gallon tanks are sold as a set, meaning that the package includes other items needed for the aquarium as well, like the lighting, the heater, the filter, etc. If you’d like to try it out, here’s a list of the best 20 gallon fish tank that I have tried.s

Best 20 Gallon Fish Tank Reviews 2020

20 gallon tanks with complete setup are perhaps one of the best things that a fishkeeper considers a “good find.” If you are looking for a 20 gallon aquarium kit that you can use in your own place, the best 20 gallon aquarium that you can purchase is the Aqueon LED Aquarium Kit 20H Black.

One of the features that I appreciate about this aquarium kit is the filter. It has an excellent three-stage filtration system. It effectively keeps harsh chemicals which could stain the water or poison my fish and plants, filter out undesirable particles such as small pebbles and fish food, and harmful organisms such as bad bacteria and fungi which could compromise the health of my aquatic pets. Furthermore, it operates very quietly. The filter’s sound doesn’t disturb the peace and quiet inside my home office.

If you are searching for a reliable and durable aquarium kit that offers all the convenience that you need as a fishkeeper, the most ideal product that you should try is the Tetra 20 Gallon Complete Aquarium Kit w/Filter Heater LED & Plants.

There are so many things to like about this particular 20 gallon aquarium kit. First is the LED lighting. It has a natural light condition that illuminates the inside of the tank. The effect is truly mesmerizing because it is as if I am looking at the tank during the daytime. The LED hood does a magnificent job of keeping the light inside.

When it comes to a 20 gal fish tank kit, nothing beats the features offered by Marina LED Aquarium Kit. If you are searching for the best tank kit, it is a wise decision to include this product in your shopping list.

What I really appreciate about this 20 gallon tank kit is the presence of an amazing filter. I can always count on this little aquatic machine to remove any standing particles, harsh chemicals, and harmful organisms through its three-stage filtration system.

For those who are looking for a sturdy and reliable blank tank only, the best one in the market is definitely the Aqueon Tank Black 30X12X12 20L.

I admit that this is a little different from the other brands that come with complete 20 gallon fish tank accessories. This gives me an opportunity to experiment and expand my decorative horizons. While I can’t put different species of fish together, I was able to try different gravel and corals as part of aquarium decoration.

The idea of recycling the dirt filtered out from the water to be used by a plant is part of a wonderful concept called aquaponics. Imagine your tank filter giving the important nutrition to your precious plant. If you are into aquaponics, you will certainly love the Elive Aqua Duo 20 Gallon Aquarium Starter Kit.

There are so many things that I like about this aquarium kit. First is the magnificent LED light. It illuminates the tank magnificently. It brings a whole new level of beauty to the aquarium that not only I appreciate, but the guests as well. This tank becomes a wonderful piece of decoration at night.

If you are tired of using glass tanks as aquariums, there is one great alternative that you will really enjoy using. Presenting the SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set: the perfect tank to replace your traditional aquariums.

There are many things that I really like about this product. First is the material. Honestly saying, it’s nice to see a little break from seeing glass tanks inside the house. The acrylic feels good to touch and very reassuring that it won’t break easily even if it falls to the ground. I can even lift the whole tank with water and the contents inside.

Are you looking for a dependable 20 gallon tank to add to your collection? The Aq Ascent LED Kit 20g will provide your fish with the best fish keeping experience.

I love so many things about this particular aquarium kit. First is how organized the LED’s wiring. The manufacturers really thought about the safety of the fish tank owners. If the wires were not as organized like this, it could certainly get exposed to the water and cause an untold possibility of an accident.

If you have fish for breeding or simply for isolation, you need a reliable tank that can accommodate them properly. Surely enough, the Aquarium Masters 20 Gallon Long Aquarium starter kit will make sure that your fish are thriving.

I like that this 20 gallon tank is very durable. It is scratch-proof so I don’t have to worry about my children’s cats clawing its way to the tank. Also, the diamond-polished edges are good in ensuring my children’s safety, especially when they are playing around the location of the tank.

  • If your interest in fishkeeping has been suddenly switched on, you definitely need a good aquarium kit. The best product to help you realize your dream is the Aqueon Deluxe LED Aquarium Kit Black 20 Gallon.

    There are so many features of this product that I find wonderful. First, I’m glad that every accessory that an amateur hobbyist needs. This tank kit has an LED lighting which helps me see the condition of the fish even during night time. The LED hood is perfect not only for housing the LED bulbs but also for keeping the fish safe inside. Furthermore, it also helps the light to be properly diffused inside the tank.

    • Has an LED lighting
    • Has an LED hood
    • Filter works perfectly
    • Comes with fish food, fishnet, and water conditioner

What To Look For When Buying A 20 Gallon Fish Tank ?


With the 20 gallon tank’s size, it is fairly easy to plan set up a design or theme, just as it is quite versatile in terms of fish stocking.

With such potential in an average tank, how do you choose the right one for you? Here are some of the factors to consider when looking for the perfect 20 gallon tank for you.

Choosing The Right Dimensions

With a fish tank that is as versatile as the 20 gallon tank, there are sure to be some variations. The first one and probably the most common among the three is the 20 gallon long tank. With dimensions of 30 x 12 x 12, it is often chosen to be a reef tank because of its orientation. With loads of space for decorations, a theme that is meant to be wide can be highlighted with this 20 gallon tank.

Up next is the 20 gallon high tank, which is measured at 24 x 12 x 16. Its tall stand makes it beautiful for designs with a number of layers, for example, taller live plants. Lastly, there is the rarer 20 gallon EXTRA high tank, sitting at 20 x 10 x 24.

Choosing the right dimensions is important for two reasons. First, considering the direction and design you might want to see in the tank. Will it fit your whole theme, will it highlight the theme’s strengths? Second is the placement. The right variation of the 20 gallon tank will have you setting your worries aside, in terms of safety and stability of the tank.

Choosing The Right Placement

The dimensions of the tank are directly related to its placement. No one would want a tank to be a hindrance in a certain spot, not with the fragile parts and materials that the tanks come with. The 20 gallon tank shines in this area because of the delicate balance it presents, it is big enough to store multiple fishes and more ambitious set-ups, but yet small enough to not cause a massive placement problem.

The 20 gallon tank is a beautiful addition in any room, and it provides a certain kind of therapeutic view for everyone who chances upon it. As a longtime tank enthusiast, I have found that one of the most important factors to consider is the stand that holds the tank.

With quite a large amount of water in it, aside from the weight that is brought about by the materials, it is made of, alongside the fishes and the décor, the 20 gallon tank will prove to need a sturdier stand than those used for 15 gallon tanks.

While it will surely take up a small space in any room, it will not pose much a problem than the bigger tanks. Just make sure that it is placed on a spot where the set-up’s needed amount of heat, cold, and exposure is met.

Choosing The Right Materials

There are a number of pros and cons when it comes to choosing the perfect material when choosing your 20 gallon tank, and they are not to be overlooked.

The traditional 20 gallon tank is made of glass. Hobbyists from all over the world have known this variation for the longest time. It is durable, as it is not much affected by scratches. Its sturdy material results in less yellowing in the long run, however, it is also quite heavy and will be in need of reliable support.

There is also the acrylic 20 gallon tank, which has become more and more popular as time went by. The acrylic 20 gallon tank is visibly clearer and quite easy to clean. It is also easy to move around because of its lighter weight. However, it does not have the same scratch resistance as provided by the glass tank.

Both are safe for the tank and your little fishies, and both have decorations and equipment that supports the material the aquarium is made of. Choosing the best one for you relies on the placing spot you have, as well as the aesthetic visuals that you are planning for.

Ultimately, it relies on what kind of direction you would want to take in. Because of its size, its versatility can be seen in the set-up it creates, be it a community tank, a breeding tank, or even a hospital tank. Be sure to have a clear picture of your plans in your mind as you choose the right 20 gallon tank variation.

The Right Price For You

After evaluating every factor from dimensions, placing, and the material, it is now time to think about the price. One great aspect of the 20 gallon tank is that it is an affordable tank, due to its popularity and size. The glass tanks are generally cheaper than its acrylic counterparts, but only in a smaller margin, unlike in the bigger tanks where variation costs may vary vastly.

As most of the 20 gallon tanks are sold as a package, complete with the lighting equipment, alongside the filters, heaters, coolers, and substrate, it can be a lot cheaper than other average-sized tanks. It also helps that it makes for an easier set-up process since all the equipment is already compatible with the tank’s material.

Choosing the right price also relies on another factor: the warranty. The existence of a product warranty is a show of the brand’s guarantee, and it can affect the pricing of the product itself. Will you opt for a one-time, cheaper buy for your tank or will you want to secure it for the long term? These are questions you should ask yourself before choosing the right tank for you.

Why Do You Need A 20 Gallon Fish Tank?

There are a number of options for 20 gallon tanks in terms of fish stocking variations. As the size provides a unique opportunity to support a midsized bunch of little fish friends, it can serve many purposes. The 20 gallon tank is versatile enough to be a breeding tank, a capable community tank, and a spacious hospital tank for the seasoned collectors. It is as well a great beginner fish tank for newcomers because of its affordability and size.

Where to buy?

When looking for cool 20 gallon fish tanks, you can search in Petco, Home Depot, Walmart or Petsmart. If you want to purchase online, like I do most of the time, you can purchase one at Amazon. You do not need to leave the comforts of your home and you can get it by the next day.


The 20 gallon aquarium is a versatile tank that gives space for multiple stocking options, it also assures the owner of a more stable timeframe with regards to the cleanup, and it is versatile as well as affordable. You can place a lot of one-inch fish here, or a couple of big ones. If you want your aquarium to last for several years, you should get nothing but the best 20 gallon fish tank.