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Aquarium Plants, Decoration

Having an adequate selection of aquarium plants in your fish tank or aquarium is one of the best choices you can make for the wellbeing of your fish. They help to mimic your fish’s natural environment as well as providing several other essential functions. Some of the benefits that aquarium plants provide include improving the water quality by allowing for natural biological filtration. They also remove nitrates from the water and work to oxygenize the water resulting in healthier fish. Fish tanks with plants have fish which are calmer and exhibit reduced signs of stress as well as increasing their likelihood of breeding.

Once you have decided that adding aquarium plants to your fish tank is the healthiest option for your fish, you can then go about selecting which plants you would like to include. When first starting out, it is important to start with a large quantity of plants at once. This will ensure that there are more plants than algae in the fish’s environment. Having a large density of plants in the aquarium tank will ensure that the algae present do not absorb more nutrients than the plants. This is the main reason that aquariums which a small amount of plants do not flourish.

There are many different aquarium decorations out there. There are hundreds, if not thousands, to choose from. Coral, driftwood, gravel, plants, artificial plants, rocks and ceramic decorations are just a few types of aquarium d├ęcor. So, once you have decided on your theme, you should have no trouble filling your tank. You will want to make sure you put all the smaller objects and plants in the front and arrange the larger ones towards the back so it can all be seen.