The Best Aquarium Light Timers for 2020

Aside from various fish tank accessories, water clearing products and equipment, one of the most essential devices that you must consider getting for your aquarium is none other than the best aquarium light timer. Undoubtedly, digital outlet timers are deemed as fish tank necessities these days which make them a must-have.

These are comparably less pricey and, as a matter of fact, they could help you save more money since these can exceptionally manage the lighting needs of your fish tank in an automatic mode.

Besides, these are quite dependable to utilize as they play a vital role in warding off the sprout of algae since your aquarium light is turned on for a longer period of time. Truth is, light timers aren’t just meant for aesthetic purposes. These are quite indispensable if you are the type of aquarium keeper who’s always on vacation or always out for business trips.

If your aquarium is equipped with a digital light timer, then you won’t have worries even if you’re out of town most of the time. You can have the peace of mind that even if you’re far away, your aquarium pets and aquatic plants will be free of any danger since they are secured with appropriate and reliable lighting conditions.

Best Aquarium Light Timer Reviews 2020

If you are hunting for aquarium lighting timers that are designed with single outlet timer and are not complicated to use and understand, then Century 24-Hour Plug-in Mechanical Timer can give you that. You won’t have any trouble setting it up and you don’t need to spend extravagantly just to get it. You can actually operate it immediately in minutes without any sweat.

This model is designed with mechanical buttons that are intended to easily set the time. This is what makes it more convenient to use as compared to other mechanical timers that operate with the aid of removable pins. You will less likely to misplace or lose pins since these are fused into the device.

  • No sweat to set up and can be done in minutes
  • Comes with easy-to-understand design
  • Risk-free and dependable to utilize
  • Does not come with loose parts unlike other models
  • Turns your device on and off in an automatic method

If you’re going to closely observe the entire design of this aquarium timer, you will discover that this version is undemanding to install and utilize. Unlike other models, it does not get lost along the way when operating it. It is equipped with two buttons when installing it.

Addition, when it comes to its installation process, you can instantly alter the hour up to the minute that you prefer the time to turn on or off the light. In case, you get so confused on how to set it up, you can rely on the manual instructions. In so doing, you’ll get the idea that the process is actually straightforward.

  • Makes fish tank lighting a breeze
  • Smooth sailing to utilize
  • Comes with reasonably priced selling cost
  • Quite uncomplicated to set up
  • Adept at controlling blue and white LEDs separately

This topnotch fish tank light timer is ideal for a plenty of uses particularly in a daylight cycle for aquariums, live aquatic plants as well as reptile enclosures. In the same way, it is equipped with a total of four outlets that are regulated by the timer wherein four outlets are often on.

What makes this model safer and more reliable to use is that all the eight outlets are entirely safeguarded by the surge protector and it is also furnished with a circuit breaker switch in order to provide more safety.

  • Furnished with state-of-the-art time function features
  • Designed with premium quality colored LED indicator lights
  • Secured and reliable to operate and utilize
  • Built with override switch intended to keep the timer outlet row on in a manual mode
  • Equipped with updated black pins

Without question, this fish tank timer can make a difference in terms of automating your dwelling place or workplace. You can simply turn lamps, Christmas trees, small appliances and other electronic devices on and off with the aid of a manageable timer. Basically, this could adapt well with LED bulbs, compact fluorescent lighting as well as other small appliances.

Just like other modern light timers at present, this is not difficult to use provided that you comply with the manual instructions provided in the package once purchased. This also allows users to outline their own schedule. Please note that the settings will restate day-to-day once it was set up and plugged in.

  • No trouble to install and operate
  • One great way to instantly automate your home or workplace
  • Highly rated for its compatibility to various appliances, LED bulbs and compact fluorescent lighting
  • Enables users to lay out their own schedule
  • Ensures much needed convenience and reliability

This LED aquarium light with timer is a great deal to go in for. Its entire construction is proudly premium quality and you will definitely love its slim profile design. Such brand is highly acclaimed for having the capability to last for many years. They are also energy-efficient since they could provide more light without the need to use more electricity. Obviously, this is quite advantageous on your part for you can save more money.

If you are keeping low light planted tanks, then this is the top-drawer choice for you. This is a gilt-edge version mainly because it could ensure a natural day and night cycle for your fish tank dwellers. This is equipped with internal memory that saves your pre-arranged settings in the event that power interruption takes place. This turns your fish tank lamps on and off in an automatic mode by simply setting it once.

  • Built with superior quality construction and slim profile
  • Capable of providing more light for less electricity
  • Especially designed to last for more years
  • Ideal choice for low light planted tanks
  • Can provide a natural day and night cycle for your aquarium dwellers

This LED aquarium lighting with timer helps aquarium keepers to keep their fish tank lights on and off at the same time on a daily basis. More than that, this device aids in gradually acclimating live creatures to the high brightness that LEDs generate.

Typically, this gradual acclimation assists in minimizing stress commonly caused by rapid light intensity alterations and provides a more reasonable rhythmic light cycle every day.

  • Enables slow acclimation that helps reduce animal stress
  • Straightforward to use and operate
  • Capable of functioning as a reliable dimmer
  • Exhaustively programmable 24-hour LED lighting controller
  • Aids keep the lights on and off the same time on a daily basis

This LED aquarium lighting with timer works prominently in regulating lights of fish tanks and other uses. It is not a problem to set up and you can effortlessly set the dial to the present time and it’s as simple as ABC to plug in. this is equipped with 2 outlets that are meant for users to possible control 2 devices.

Likewise, this is built with 24-hour programmable timer outlet with accession of half an hour and is furnished with dual outlets for users to possibly plug in 2 different appliances at the same time.

  • Ideal for minimizing energy and utility costs
  • Notably activates lights on and off in an automatic mode
  • Especially designed to serve various purposes
  • Works as a top quality 24-hour programmable timer outlet
  • Equipped with a total of 48 push pins

This timer for aquarium light is a simple controller that activates your fish tank lights on and off in an automatic method. Thus, if you have a very hectic schedule at work or you’re always on business trips and holidays, then this is the right partner for you.

What makes this a nice device to possess is that it is capable of working with all types of fish tank LED lights and employs an uncomplicated program analog feature. Unlike other light timers, there is no need to sweat out just to properly set it up.

  • Built with 24-hour programmable time that adapts well with all types of fish tank lights
  • Can guarantee lasting and reliable performance
  • Certified made with user-friendly one plug design
  • No set up difficulties to worry about
  • Top-drawer and well-known customizable light timer

This aquarium light with built in timer is designed with dual outlets that users can instantly install to manage long periods of consumption. You can decide whether or not to set the timer for merely a few minutes or longer hours.

Apart from this, such device also allows users to select their own scheduled day setting or decide on the preset from the device. It does a wonderful job at allowing easy shift from the normal hours to daylight savings without any struggle.

  • Known for its customizability and versatility
  • Equipped with long-lasting battery backup
  • Exhaustively controlled for safety and quality
  • Easy switch from normal hours to daylight savings
  • Can work in any indoor area at home or workplace

This aquarium timer switch works ideally to activate aquarium lights on and off automatically. Gone were the days when you need to worry about power outage and luckily this device is equipped with a battery to conserve the cycle programs and time. The outlet enables for distinct outlets to be set for distinct period of times.

In addition to this, the programming of this light timer is quite up front; nevertheless, if it was done at an incorrect on and off cycle, this may possibly take 24 hours to reset. This seems to be an upgraded version of an analog timer and it’s a great product to spend in for the price.

  • Built with digital power center that comes with a digital LCD display
  • Can guarantee seven time cycles each day 7 days a week
  • Easy to install and reliable to use
  • Equipped with a battery backup system
  • Programming can be set in minutes with correct instructions

What To Look For When Buying An Aquarium Light Timer ?


There are a number of alternatives when it comes to lighting a fish tank. It could be dangerous to add excessive light as this could make your tank more prone to immense algae accumulation. And, eliminating algae from the fish tank is absolutely a tedious task. Meanwhile, if you add too little light, your corals, live aquatic plants and fish won’t thrive properly.

That said, it is just right to consider various factors first prior to purchasing a light timer for your fish tank. Before spending, you may consider asking yourself some questions such as:

  1. Are you going to utilize the light timer to control the aquarium lights automatically?
  2. Are you purchasing lights to be used in a reef tank?
  3. How much is the price? What about the device’s expected lifespan?
  4. Is the light timer intended to be used for a planted fish tank?

These are valuable questions you need to mull over first before you opt for the final decision. Light timers for aquariums come in various brands, features and functions. So, it is best if you buy the one that would perfectly match the needs of your fish tank.

On the other hand, when buying light timers, make sure to get the one that comes with the following features:

  1. Energy efficient
  2. Can superbly do the automatic lights on and off
  3. Can ensure reliable and long lasting performance
  4. Is not difficult to set up and program
  5. Safe to use for your fish tank dwellers

Why do you need an aquarium light timer?

Light timers for aquariums are very valuable device to keep if you own a fish tank. As you might already know, the controlled supply of light is one of the most vital facets of effectively keeping an aquarium no matter how small or big your fish tank is. Moreover, there are countless kinds of lighting available nowadays; there are metal halide, fluorescent and the like. Each of these choices comes with pros and cons of course.

Having selected which type of lighting best fits their specific purpose, the professional aquarist will be insightful of a very valuable reality and that is none other than it is highly perilous for your aquarium occupants to be exposed to light 24 hours per day.

Aside from that, light must be allotted in order to ward off the spread of algae inside the aquarium. As you know, the existence of algae in the fish tank can be a serious problem, and they proliferate in a condition where heat and light is in abundant supply.

Here are the perks of using aquarium light timer:

  •  A light timer could significantly assist in making running a fish tank a much more delightful hobby since even when you’re away, the device can turn the lights on and off in your stead. Hence, you can rest assured that even when you’re on vacation, your aquarium dwellers still obtain the proper lighting they require.

There are a plenty of aquarium fixtures and hoods that are designed with a number of power cords which are fastened into the multiple light sockets inside the hood. This enables easy installing for the timer to activate different lights at different periods of the day. Providing the lighting needs for your fish tank occupants is no longer a laborious and burdensome task for you to handle so this won’t necessarily have to meddle with your hectic schedule.

Best reasons

  • There is no need to worry about activating the lights on and off at the strangest period of the day and night. Thus, you can enjoy a good night sleep and do not need to bother waking up just to turn on the fish tank light. This is the good thing about investing in an automated light timer device.
  •  They are more cost-effective options because they come with energy-saving features, thus aids in reducing the cost you need to pay for utilities and electricity. This means that you do not need to worry about increasing electricity bills. Modern versions are now made with reliable power-saving features.
  • Many models are equipped with backup battery so even when there is power interruption, the device can still work efficiently. Since you have a backup battery, your fish tank inhabitants can still enjoy the lighting requirements in a day even when there is no electricity.
  • They can guarantee safe, reliable and long-lasting performance. Light timers that are manufactured by reputable brands or firms are built with durable construction materials that make them withstand rugged and long-term use.
  • You can now easily and instantly brighten or dim the lighting conditions inside your fish tank automatically without much sweat and worries even when you’re at work or on holiday. That said, you can supply the adequate amount of lighting condition your fish tank inhabitants need without doing it manually.

So, if you are the type of fish tank keeper who cannot attend to you aquarium pets’ needs every now and then, this device is a must-have for you. This works like a responsible assistant in addressing the lighting needs of your finned friends and aquatic plants living inside your aquarium.

Where to buy aquarium light timer?

You can purchase aquarium light timers in local hardware, fish and pet stores and in home improvement centers. If you want to shop for them online, you can refer to Amazon, eBay, Lowes, Petco, PetSmart and many other credible online shopping sites.


All things considered, you certainly prefer the best product when it comes to fish tank lighting. To be honest, this could be one of the reasons why you need to purchase the best aquarium light timer as well. Fortunately, from the various light timer models discussed above, you may now ease your worries and can make a well-informed decision by carefully reviewing which one best matches your needs and preferences.

Without doubt, it is practical to consider the buying guides too in order for you to check out all the vital factors that need to be ensured before you spend your hard-earned money.