Home Cleaning


Your freshwater aquarium will exude its natural exquisiteness when your little friends are living blissfully inside that artificial aquatic environment that you have created. A regular maintenance system should keep your tank healthy. Freshwater aquarium cleaning maintenance is simply having a regular schedule of keeping your freshwater aquarium clean.

Water plays a major role inside your container therefore you need to make sure that the water supply inside it is kept fresh. A functional and clean filter is also very important inside your tank. However, a clean filter does not mean a squeaky clean filter. Understand that here are also good bacteria in your filter media and they are very important because they are responsible for breaking down the toxins and wastes. When you remove all the bacteria to keep your aquarium clean, you are allowing harmful organisms like ammonia to rage and multiply rapidly. You only need to gently sponge down your filter media on a regular basis and never use any household cleaners.

Another maintenance test is to make sure that all the devices in your tank are functioning perfectly. Your air pump for instance, it should supply the adequate level of oxygen. And your filter should be able to circulate the clean and well oxygenated water.

Even if you have kept an eye on your masterpiece ammonia, algae, and other eye sore can grow right before your eyes. The ultimatum is to replace the water and vacuum the substrates to remove the accumulated excess waste.

One trick that you should not forget when you are replacing the water is to use water conditioners. These products have components that remove harmful chemicals such as chlorine and they also have the ability to eliminate excess ammonia.