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Best 30 Gallon Fish Tanks 2020

Best 30 Gallon Fish Tanks 2020

The 30 gallon fish tanks is exceptional because it represents the perfect middle ground, transitioning from the beginner tank that is the 20 gallon tank and into the bigger tanks. From here on, it could be quite a challenge setting up mainly because there are not as much all-in-one kits for this size as compared to smaller ones.

This means that as you progress with the 30 gallon fish tank, you must expect to build the set-up from scratch. You must have a bit of know-how in this aspect. And you must also have the best 30 gallon fish tank your arsenal.

If you’re getting overwhelmed with the choices available, fear not. I’ve narrowed the best of the best in my list below.

Best 30 Gallon Fish Tank Reviews 2020

Starting with your fishkeeping hobby using a mid-size tank is never easy. You need to get a reliable product that can help you get started smoothly. If you can’t choose among the many products that are sold in the market these days, the Aqua Culture 29 Gallon Aquarium Starter Kit with LED is the one you should be getting.

Here’s what makes this particular 29 gallon aquarium kit so interesting. First, the glass tank is very durable. It can withstand multiple bumps without breaking to million pieces. This tank is very ideal for my home office because I don’t have to worry about my kids knocking it down. Not to mention that the tank is very pleasing to the eyes.

Whether we like it or not, aquariums with automatics features can make our lives infinitely easier, right? If you don’t mind spending money for your next 30 gallon fish tank kit, then perhaps the Coralife LED Biocube Aquarium will satisfy you.

One of the things that immediately impressed me is the sleek design. If I can be honest, I say that this one projects a masculine image. This works perfectly for me because of my two sons. The curved edges really captures attention. In addition, it commands safety and comfort. I can place this tank anywhere in my home without worrying that my kids will get hurt should they accidentally bumped their head in the tank.

When it comes to 30 gallon tanks, nothing beats the Aqua Culture Aquarium Starter Kit. With this particular product, you can be sure that you will have an easy life while fully enjoying the benefits of watching fish swim inside the tank.

Trying this 30 gallon fish tank starter kit is one of the best times of my career as a fishkeeper. It is very easy to set up and clean. I also find this tank kit easy to use. Even my twelve-year-old child will find it very simple to operate.

Of all the mid-size tanks I have reviewed, this one really surprised me. Aside from being cheaper compared to other brands of similar size, this product really exceeded my expectations. If you want highly reliable 29 gallon tanks to house your beautiful fish and marine plants, then the Marineland (Aquaria) Biowheel Aquarium Kit with LED Light is the one for you.

This product has everything that I’m looking for a great aquarium. It has an amazing LED light that mimics moonlight. This is truly mesmerizing to look at. The tank is properly illuminated without straining the eyes of anyone who looks at it. Furthermore, the LEDs are housed in a hinged hood which provides great convenience. When I’m feeding the fish, all I have to do is to lift the front portion of the hood to open it, drop some fish food into the water, and close it the hood down.

If you are tired of using the same old boring-shaped aquariums, Marineland (Aquaria) AMLNV18080 Glass Cube and Column Aquarium Tank, 27-Gallon would certainly spice things up a bit for you.

Even though this product only has the aquarium on the package, it really is a serious product for all fishkeepers. It is a cube-shaped tank that provides a classy vibe and looks. I find this very interesting since almost all of my fish tanks look the same. The design of this 27 gallon tank is very charming. It certainly draws your attention and never lets it go. Honestly, this is the tank’s greatest feature. This tank can certainly be used for decorative purposes.

If you want a fully automated filter which can help you not only clean the water, but also help you drain the water easily, the Fluval Accent Glass Aquarium, 25-Gallon is the best product for you. It uses the latest technology that will help you have an easy time taking care of your favorite fish.

Even though this aquarium kit is only 25 gallons, there are still so many things to get excited about. First is the amazing LED lights. This lighting feature does not only illuminate the contents of the tank but also provides a decorative effect especially if strategically placed inside the house. Furthermore, the LEDs have a unique feature: it mimics daytime and nighttime light settings. This is perfect for tropical fish that you want to ensure proper environmental conditions in order to thrive.

What To Look For When Buying 30 Gallon Tank ?


The midsized (or average-sized, as known to some) aquariums are arguably the most known tank size in the world. Famous for its size that is perfect for those beginning in the aquarium collecting hobby, as well as the seasoned hobbyists in the scene, the midsized tanks boast versatility in a number of factors.

And right the middle of the midsize variations is the 30 gallon fish tank.

So what are you supposed to look for when buying a 30 gallon fish tank? When I was a beginner in the hobby scene, this was one of my questions as well. And as I have progressed through the years, I have a few key pointers in choosing the perfect 30 gallon aquarium for you.

The Right Placement

Unlike the case with nano fish tanks where finding the proper placement is easy as a breeze because of its small size, finding a proper placement for the 30 gallon fish tank would require a bit of planning. Since the 30 gallon tank is visibly bigger, it could cause quite a few hindrances when not placed properly.

This is where it all boils down to. Will the tank be perfect for the placing? Will its dimensions line up with the spot you have chosen? And will the material you have chosen work great with the designs and plans you have for your tank? Take time for careful consideration and deliberation regarding this, there is no rush.

There are a number of factors to consider. One of the main ones is weight. The 30 gallon tank, when filled with water (and the assorted decorations inside) can weigh anywhere upwards of 48lbs. Because of this, the strength of the tank’s holder should be considered, as well as safety.

You should also consider the temperature as well as the location’s lighting. Because the 30 gallon tank is heavier and evidently bigger, the constant changing of the placement can prove to be tiresome.

Lastly, consider the aesthetic placement of the tank. A decorated 30 gallon tank can provide therapeutic visuals that are refreshing to the eyes, and it is a great addition to any room. Be it in a receiving area, in an office, or even in a study. Choose a spot carefully and commit to it.

The Right Dimensions

Unlike with the other, more famous tanks, the 30 gallon tank only comes with a couple of variations. First, there is the 30 gallon long tank, and then there is the 30 gallon breeder tank. They slightly differ in dimensions, the 30 gallon long tank being 36 1/4 x 12 5/8 x16 ¾, while the 30 gallon breeder tank is measured at 36 3/16 x18 1/4 x12 15/16. Both variations function the same.

The great thing about midsized aquarium tanks such as the 30 gallon fish tank is that these tanks are easier to clean. The nitrogen cycle that occurs from inside the tank would not have as much build-up, and if it does it would take a longer time than nano tanks. Because of this, the harmful changes in the water’s chemistry would not be greatly affected. Aside from this, the 30 gallon tank is just the right size to have an average running cost, which is great news to the owner.

The Right Make

The 30 gallon tank is quite a versatile tank, and it is no surprise that it comes with a couple of variations in terms of make.

  • Glass

Glass is the classic material used in traditional tanks. One advantage it has is that it is scratch resistant. There are no wrong choices for the décor and the equipment you are to use for the tank, none of it will scratch glass so deeply that it affects the general visuals of the fish tank.

Another advantage of the glass tank is that it has rigid panels, meaning they are not likely to be dented. This speaks a lot about its general durability. It also provides less visual distortion for the tank. It is glossier and much clearer than acrylic. One of its most amazing features is that it would not turn yellow over time, which says a lot about long term investment. It is also non-porous, and last but not least, it is an affordable option.

  • Acrylic

Acrylic is another material that is widely used in 30 gallon fish tanks. One advantage it holds over the competition is that it is lighter between the two. It is way easier to move around and lift, and would also require less of the tank stand (although it would not hurt to play it safe!).

Another important advantage it has is that with the acrylic make, the shapes of the 30 gallon tanks are not limited to your plain, old version. A key advantage of the acrylic make is that it holds a better impact resistance as compared to the glass tank.

The make and material of your tank depend entirely on the direction you choose for it, so be sure to consider this before choosing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most trusted 30 gallon fish tank brands?

There are less than a dozen trusted brands for 30-gallon aquariums, most of which I have featured in the list of top ones above. These are:

  • Seaclear
  • Aquaculture
  • Coralife
  • Marineland
  • Fluval
  • Marina
  • Aqueon

How to Set-Up and Use the 30 gallon fish tank?

The first step in setting up a 30 gallon tank is to clean the tank itself thoroughly. After doing so, then you should plan the placement. Although the 30 gallon fish tank is only a midsized tank, planning its placement is not as easy as the placement planning done for the nano entry tanks, which only takes a few minutes at the very least.

With the 30 gallon tank’s size, and the weight it would carry, the placement needs to be solid and sturdy. Prepping the water is next, which is done by placing the water you are to use in a separate tank and letting it sit to rid of unwanted chemicals. As you wait for the water, plan the design and the route you are to take with the tank and decorate it. After sitting for a couple of days, fill the tank with half your water as your prime and test out your other equipment.

After this, fill the tank with all the water and let it sit for a couple of days. This process might be sped up with live plants and some biological filter media. Only after completing this process will you be able to stock the tank with the fish of your own choosing.

How to Take Care of and Clean the 30 gallon fish tank?

One great aspect with the 30 gallon tank is that its size is big enough to prevent the visible waste build-up from inside the tank. With the smaller tanks, a tight cleaning schedule is needed in order to maintain the water integrity, as the space is small and is easily overtaken by the nitrogen cycle.

The 30 gallon tank is perfect for beginners since it is easier to clean and therefore does not require as rigid a schedule. This is assured by the filtration that occurs from inside the tank namely the biological, mechanical, and chemical filtration.

With the biological filtration, the biological media in your filter, as well as the whole tank space, is utilized by the friendly bacteria in order to build an active colony. These non-harmful bacteria aid the tank owner in cleaning as it breaks down the debris left by the surplus of food, excrement, etc.

The mechanical filtration, meanwhile, captures the bigger debris in the media and aids the owner by making the clean-up easier. The chemical filtration occurs when tank chemicals are added to the tank or by way of filter media, and it improves water quality by breaking down the unwanted toxins in the tank water.

Basically, aside from the owner physically removing floaters from time to time and cleaning the filters, the cleaning is done from the inside.

Where to buy fish tanks?

For all your aquarium-related equipment, you can always visit your local pet store. You can also check with Walmart, PetSmart, PetCo or even HomeDepot. But if you want to make your life easier, just get yours at Amazon!


You are now venturing into the realm of the aquarium enthusiast, and not just a curious dabbler. It is therefore highly recommended to choose nothing but the best 30 gallon fish tank, especially if this is your first time getting one. Once you have you marine life set up, you won’t regret a single bit of it.