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The Best Small Aquarium Filter 2020

The Best Small Aquarium Filter 2020

Keeping an aquarium can be entertaining and relaxing at the same time; however, it also takes some responsibility once you decided to get one. Taking care of and maintaining an aquarium no matter how small it is can be challenging especially for novices. This is why you must be prepared prior to getting one.

Essentially, in order to clean and purify a small aquarium properly, it is quite crucial to invest in the best small aquarium filter so you can be guaranteed that the tank water is kept clean and safe for your fish tank dwellers all the time. Truth is, picking the suitable kind of fish tank filter could be intricate since there are innumerable options readily available at present.

Be that as it may, not all of them could execute the job impeccably; hence, it comes down to having comprehensive information. It is imperative to have a deeper knowledge of how it works as well as its capabilities prior to selecting a filtration system.

By happy chance, in this article, you will have the chance to learn a lot of important information regarding the distinct features and functions of fish tank filters, their benefits, different top brands available and other related details about them.

Best Small Aquarium Filter Reviews of 2020

Penn Plax Cascade 300 Submersible Aquarium Filter

Are you seeking for small water filter for fish tank? Then, consider reducing the stress of doing so by checking out this filter by Aqueon. This is reliable in terms of effectively filtering and cleaning the tank water. It functions as advertised and it is especially built with superb processing power.

It is good to note that this filter is a child’s play to put together and it only requires low maintenance. There is no need for priming and you could just position it accordingly, plug it in and it would all be set. As its name imply, it ensures silent operation so it won’t cause any stress to your pet fish even if it is placed inside the tank.

  • Installation can be done in a snap
  • Equipped with superior filtration capacity for small-sized aquariums
  • Designed with filter cartridges that are easy to replace
  • Does not produce any irking noise
  • Built with auto-start pump that does not call for priming

Tetra brand is one of the names you can trust when it comes to the best filter for small fish tank. Aside from the fact that the product they manufacture are of premium quality, you can rest assure that they function just as advertised.

This filter is built with 2 filters in 1. Aside from this, it comes with ultra-activated carbon that works to get rid of bad odor and water discoloration. This is also equipped with cartridge floss that is intended to capture the fish excrement and other kinds of debris.

  • Furnished with 25 GPH pump
  • Ideal to utilize for fish tanks containing 4 gallons of water
  • Designed with space-saving feature
  • Certified topnotch 2 filters in one
  • Already includes all required accessories

If you wish to invest in mini aquarium filters that are not that overpriced and can work best for your fish tank, then this option can be your partner to a successful fish keeping venture. This product is particularly built for fish tanks that contain 5 gallons of water. It is good pick to try because it helps keep small fish tank healthy and looking great.

Please be guided that it is very necessary to rinse the cartridge quite well otherwise it would cloud the tank water due to its carbon content. Always strictly follow the manufacturer’s directions and thoroughly rinse the filter prior to submerging it. If you follow the instructions carefully, you will find this filter as easy to use and maintaining it is no sweat in the long run.

  • Can fit nearly any tiny fish tank size or shape
  • Ideal filter for betta fish
  • Equipped with strong suction cups
  • Adaptable to any air pump
  • Straightforward to use and does not call for high maintenance

If you are uncertain of what appropriate fish tank filters for small tanks to purchase, then why not take a closer look at this filter?

This product is built with re-filtration system that is specifically intended to provide exceptional contact time with filter media. It is constructed to be energy-efficient which simply means to say that it won’t consume more energy; thus, lessening your expenses on its operating cost. You can set it up without any difficulty and it can guarantee steady biological filtration as well as topnotch water quality.

Basically, the fact that it is equipped with BioMax, Aqua Clear foam, cycle guard and activated carbon are what make it quite prominent than other available options sold on the market today.

  • Superior at performing all filtration requirements
  • Filtration volume reaches up to seven times bigger than other similar options
  • Highly practical for aquariums containing 20 gallons of water
  • Equipped with BioMax, foam, cycle guard and activated carbon
  • Backed up by two-year warranty offer

If you are seriously fishing for a reliable, durable and functional filter for nano tank, you can completely trust Tetra brand. This filter is designed with three-phase filtration system and operates silently without stressing you and aquarium occupants. It is very affordable too so there is no risk if you invest in it.

What makes this filter a good catch for aquarium owners especially to anyone who is still not that adept in keeping a fish tank is that it is quite easy to fasten onto the side of the aquarium. In the same way, there are no perplexing assembly instructions with this unit.

  • Practical choice for smaller fish tanks containing by up to then gallons of water
  • Equipped with medium-sized Bio-Bag cartridges that can be easily replaced
  • Three-phase filtration helps keep fish healthy and tank water cleaner
  • Easy to attach and install
  • Ideal pick for aquarium keepers on a budget

It is delighting to know that investing in small aquariums with a filter does not need to break the bank. And, it is certainly surprising that even filters manufactured by reputable brands are priced reasonably just like this one from Penn Plax.

This HOB filter can silently deliver 20 GPH of crystal clear water for both marine and freshwater fish tanks by up to seven gallons in size. The flow knob is built to be easily modified so that you can minimize the filtration during feeding period or whenever necessary. It is definitely not a pain in the neck to utilize and it can ensure efficient quadruple filtration.

  • Designed with internal sponge that maximizes settlement of good bacteria
  • Can be used for both marine and freshwater tanks
  • Built with easy to adjust flow knob
  • Manufactured with unique quad filtration
  • Comes with activated carbon meant to eliminate diverse types of waste and contaminants

Shopping for smallest aquarium filter does not need to be challenging and expensive. This internal power filter by Aqueon is a good investment that won’t leave you feeling discontented. It won’t be a risky purchase to invest in mainly because you will be supported by limited lifetime warranty.

This filter is a decent investment since it can provide three-phase filtration. It is equipped with activated carbon that is specifically intended to inhibit foul smell, toxins, water discoloration and other kinds of polluters. The dense foam is meant to get rid of waste and other dirt particles. Meanwhile, the patented BioGrid is designed to take care of nitrates and ammonia problems.

  • Built to have easy-to-adjust return flow rate
  • Can provide efficient and functional three-phase filtration
  • Makes use of internal filter cartridges that can be immediately replaced
  • Capable of being totally submerged in horizontal or vertical position
  • Comes with a flow rate of 57 gallons per hour

If you are seeking for the best nano aquarium filter, there is no need to search further if you pick this brand. This product’s flow rate is 70 gallons per hour and it is highly recommended for fish tanks that contain ten by up to fifteen gallons of water.

It is worth mentioning that this filter version is practical to utilize for both marine and freshwater tank applications. Once bought, it already comes with a pre-filter, it is plain sailing to open and clean and it is adaptable with hoses for accessories that are run by the output pump.

  • Built with pump head that is designed with directional and adjustable flow of water
  • As long as it is submerged, it can be positioned vertically or horizontally
  • Offer more outstanding chemical, biological and mechanical filtration
  • Equipped with spray bar option to evenly distribute water
  • Works efficiently in aerating tank water

What to Look for When Buying a Small Aquarium Filter ?


When buying small aquarium filters, you could expect to chance upon countless of diverse models sold on the market. It matters to underscore that these filters are all from different brands which make it more challenging to point out which one is the most appropriate option for you to use.

Before anything else, of course, the first thing that you need to think about and prepare before shopping is your budget. This is a crucial consideration because it would determine the kind of filter you can afford and you can purchase for your aquarium. No matter how much your budget is, bear in mind that settling for cheaper options yet the features are unsatisfactory is a faulty decision.

It is perfectly alright to wait for the right time to buy the filter that is built with premium quality and possesses all the features and functions that your aquarium requires. If the price does not meet your budget yet, you can set aside your money first and save some more. Take into consideration that a filter is an important investment so it is fine to take your time in exchange of getting a reliable and high quality one.

As discussed, the filtration system is a crucial piece of aquarium equipment. This device does a very important job of keeping the quality of water on its best condition in order to keep your aquarium inhabitants safe and healthy. This is the reason why it is necessary to invest in the best filter that your budget could afford.


even though there are a lot of styles readily available nowadays, it is very essential to consider the suitable size of the fish tank first. Be sure to pick a filter that comes with a flow rate that is capable of filtering all the water in the aquarium at a minimum of 4 times every hour.

For instance, a 20-gallon fish tank must be equipped with a filter that comes with a flow rate of a minimum of 80 GPH. When it is inexact, it is highly suggested to shift to a greater flow rate. If you have larger aquariums, consider getting canister filters.

In line with this, another important factor to mull over is the fish in your small aquarium. Some fish and aquatic plants prefer a powerful current mainly because that it what they would be accustomed to in a natural environment. Substantially, you may prefer a type of filter that is designed with stronger outflow of water in order to precisely fit the requirements of your fish tank occupants.

Aquariums that come with higher biomass are more intricate for filters to manage since more waste or dirt particles are produced. It is worth noting that a filter that processes extra gallons per hour would be more auspicious at managing the additional dirt particles.

More than that, all filters specifically call for periodic cleaning for them to keep all things running without any trouble. Hence, when investing in a filter, search for the one that is smooth sailing to take apart so that cleaning it won’t be complicated and time-consuming.

Why do you need aquarium a small aquarium filter? 

Once you start into fish keeping hobby, you will uncover how important it is to invest in a superb quality filter. You will need a filter to efficiently clean the tank water from various sorts of contaminants, ward of the accumulation of nitrates and ammonia, and to effectively aerate the water so that your aquarium occupants could breathe well and thrive inside the tank.

Luckily, filters are definitely not exhausting to care for, they could be attractive to add in a fish tank filled with fish and they are capable of providing a number of perks such as the following:

Less regular maintenance.

Aquariums could get messy instantly. No matter how hard you try to keep the tank clean all the time, it will and always be necessary to clean the aquarium often if you prefer to keep the tank water clean and clear. While it is true that a filter will call for a periodic maintenance, you would be able to significantly lessen the amount of labor that you would need to execute on a periodic basis if you set a good filter in your tank.

A good filter

can help make your pet fish safer, healthier and happier. Besides safeguarding your fish from overfeeding, such equipment considerably minimizes the hazard of ammonia stress. Substantially, this condition takes place when the toxins from droppings pile up inside of the fish’s bodies and could emerge rather abruptly if dirt particles are not eliminated in a timely approach. Ammonia stress could progress into ammonia poisoning and it could be deadly if this condition is allowed to continue.

Filters are fish-friendly.

In point of fact, if you do not invest in a topnotch filter, you will need to clean your small aquarium on a periodic mode and that would mean the need to scoop out your pet fish and set them aside in order for you to possibly and easily give the fish tank a thorough scrub. As you might already know, the repeated shifting in and out of the aquarium could be very stressful for your fish; hence, if you have a filter, your fish won’t need to go through all that.

Installing a filter

can be more hygienic. As mentioned earlier, keeping a fish tank requires a bit of work but not much if you have a sterling filter to do the job. And, apart from the fact that filters help make your pet fish healthier, having one installed in your tank is also healthier for you and your loved ones. For sure, you don’t prefer to live with a bowl of water that is filled with poisonous substances, algae, mold and other sorts of waste sitting right on your desk or office table. And unfiltered fish tank could be a fatal hub for your pet fish and could also be toxic for you.

Having a filter installed in your fish tank

can help avoid overfeeding. Many novices in aquarium keeping tend to put excess amount of food inside the aquarium, so fish end up consuming more food than they actually should. Chronic overfeeding could lead to serious health issues for fish and this could even be fatal. A good filter works to get rid of excess food and waste that your pet fish do not consume at once- this diminishes the hazard of health problems and fish death.

A filter offers

a very impressive appeal inside the tank. Since the filter works to keep the tank water clear and clean, the aquarium looks more stunning and relaxing to behold. The glass would look cleaner and clearer so you can enjoy a beautiful view inside the aquarium. And, the best of all, there is no need to deal with foul odor of standing water.

Where to buy small aquarium filter?

If you are shopping for a premium quality small aquarium filter, you may start your search in the nearest pet store, fish store or aquarium shops in your area. You may consider going to well-stocked specialty fish stores or aquarium stores so you can have a number of options to check out.

In line with this, another way to shop for the right small aquarium filter is through legit and credible online shopping sites such as Amazon. Such sites generally can provide online shoppers with numerous options and brands to select from. You may even enjoy some special promos, discounts and freebies for every product purchased from them.


In summary, you have learned that there are a number of buying factors to look into first before you can ensure that you are getting the right and the best small aquarium filter for you. Unquestionably, doing a little research could be quite useful so you won’t end up wasting any single cent for your investment.

As what you have read in this post, there are a plenty of products readily available on the market these days, and at times, it could be pressuring to search for the most outstanding filter for your small aquarium particularly if you do this on your own.

The good news is that you could begin by evaluating top quality products that were outlined above. See to it to carefully assess the pros and cons of each brand reviewed above. In the end, the final purchasing decision would be up to you in terms of picking a small fish tank filter that perfectly fits your needs.