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The Best Aquarium Filter Media 2020

The Best Aquarium Filter Media 2020

Undeniably, cautiously taking into consideration the best aquarium filter media you get for your tank could significantly aid ensure that your fish tank remains in the safest and healthiest condition. Aside from this, you can guarantee that nitrogen cycle is optimal.

For a fact, if you utilize appropriate filtering methods, your aquatic plants, various fish species and other aquatic creatures dwelling in your tank will have better chances of being more vigorous and livelier.

And, there are several forms of filter media that you can employ for your aquarium in order to come up with a friendly and beneficial habitat for the aquatic plants and of course for your most cherished finned buddies that inhabit your tank.

While it is a fact that selecting the suitable type of filter media for your tank could be slightly confounding because there are limitless number of options available on the market these days, with reliable product reviews and buying guides for you to refer to, there is no reason for you to end up buying the unsuitable option for your present needs and style.

If you’re searching for the most outstanding and available filter media options, here are the 12 product reviews that you can delve into.

Best Aquarium Filter Media Reviews 2020

If you’d like to end up with the best biological filter media for your tank, this brand can satisfy your requirements. It is exceptional at handling multiple tasks and if you frequently encounter various tank issues such as foul odor, various forms of impurities, chemical toxins and discoloration, then this will work best for you.

In line with this, it is regarded as a very reasonably priced choice and it could even function a lot more excellently as compared to similar products out there that are sold in costly price tags. This is economical to buy because it can work just like more costly brands. It comes in the form of tiny pebbles and functions efficiently in filtering out any contaminants found in the water and this is done in a surprisingly speedy approach.

  • Particularly sized to guarantee efficiency
  • Adept at reducing foul smell, various sorts of blemishes and discoloration
  • Works fast and reliably just like expensive brands
  • Can guarantee fresh and sparkling clear tank water
  • Compatible with nearly all types of aquarium filter

It cannot be denied that it could be taxing to look for the best media for canister filter. This is the reason why a thorough research could help in lessening this burden. Fluval has always been regarded as a very trusted brand for most aquarists. And, this Biomax Filter Media is a very popular product that every aquarium owner invests in for their tank.

It comes with absorptive surface that can provide more space for bacteria. And, you can see its center hole which is especially intended for water control. This can do its job superbly because bacteria can rapidly create a foothold.

  • Center hole aids reduce water limit
  • Can guarantee superb biological filtration
  • Bacteria can instantly build a foothold
  • Won’t in any manner significantly affect water quality
  • Proper seeding merely requires replenishing only half at a time

Aquaclear Biomax is made with very tiny cylindrical shaped pieces of ceramic that comes with a huge surface area that makes it capable of stimulating fast proliferation of good bacteria. Furthermore, it is easy to fit at the rear of the tank that is nearby the wall and this is probably because it is slim. And, what makes it a standout among other similar products is its capability to be customized in filter media.

In the same way, this is very smooth and silent. There is no need to frequently replace them. As a matter of fact, you only have to rinse them in used tank water and you can safely utilize them repeatedly. Without doubt, this is a first rate bio material that you can consider for your filter system. This is ideal for growing medium to eliminate fish toxins from the aquarium.

  • Highly recommended for small power filters
  • Helps boost good bacteria rapidly
  • Excellent at minimizing nitrate and ammonia levels
  • A piece of cake to utilize, clean and maintain
  • Contains 15% of micro-cavities and 85% of micro-tunnels

Are you planning to purchase a reliable and effective fish tank filter media? This product from Marineland can provide practical uses and benefits for anyone keeping a pond or a freshwater aquarium. This is unmatched when it comes to taking in all the hazardous chemical toxins and pollutants present in tank water.

In like manner, this is available in distinct sizes, which means you can get the one that can definitely suit your aquarium needs and your preference of course. Such product like this from this brand is well-known for being top-drawer water polisher that significantly assists in clearing away various forms of impurities, ammonia and other water contaminants that may endanger the lives of your aquatic pets and plants.

  • Ensures practical use for freshwater tanks and ponds
  • Good at absorbing contaminants and harmful toxins
  • Can be obtained in a number of several sizes to fit aquatic requirements
  • Highly perceived as reliable and effective tank water polisher
  • Uniquely designed as bituminous coal-based action and is activated by heat

If you still can’t figure out which appropriate aquarium filtration media to use for your tank, then why not give Biohome Ultimate Filter Media prove its effectiveness to you?

This filter media won’t harm your fish tank occupants since they are designed to be toxic-free. Likewise, it is interchangeable which conveys that you can safely utilize it in marine of freshwater tanks. It is absorptive that it provides healthy bacteria the opportunity to have a solid foothold.

  • Can help make tank water clearer and free of any foul odor
  • Encourage healthy bacteria boost
  • 2 by up to 4 lbs. can be practical for tanks containing 30 gallons or beyond
  • Works effectively for sump, HOB and canister filters
  • Capable of instantly controlling nitrite and ammonia levels from increasing

Shopping for top quality and long-lasting aquarium filter material can be challenging. The delighting news is that with Seachem Matrix Bio Media, you can determinately say goodbye to the hassle of searching for the best brand that can match your needs and style.

It is worth observing that the macropores contained in this bio media filter are fairly huge for nitrifying as well as denitrifying bacteria to come inside. As compared to other options, this feature enables the bacteria to get rid of nitrate, ammonia and nitrite altogether.

  • Does not need to be replaced at all
  • Keep an eye on denitrifying bacteria
  • Gets rid of ammonia, nitrate and nitrite
  • Designed with extreme surface area
  • Can be thoroughly washed off without endangering the good bacteria

This exquisite canister filter media is made with a 5-gallon curved glass tank. And, once purchased, a bio-foam, 3-stage concealed filtration that is equipped with right size cartridge and easy to adjust flow filter pump are already contained in the kit.

By the same token, in order to have easy access to the aquarium, this is purposely designed with blue and white power-efficient LED Light. It is good to know that the white LEDs are capable of forming glistening light in the tank water that replicate underwater sunlight effect, meanwhile, the blue LEDs are designed to generate a soothing moonshine glow.

  • Can adapt to all c-series
  • Capable of providing bigger and all-around surface area that stimulates bio filtration
  • Guarantees concealed filtration mode
  • Designed with easy-to-adjust flow filter pump
  • Provides practical use for planted and fish only types of aquariums

This bio media for aquarium filter utilizes all the 3 types of methods and provides aquarium keepers certified clear water inside the tank. To boot, it comes with activated carbon that is especially intended to aid combat high ammonia levels, various kinds of impurities and this does a great job at clarifying the water.

Additionally, there are bio balls that work adeptly in enabling good bacteria to proliferate and eliminate nitrates more effectively. This product is also equipped with ceramic rings that assist in mechanical filtration by means of sucking in the impurities in tank water. This is helpful in stimulating the growth of bacteria in order to purify the water.

  • Superior quality absorptive ceramic media for excellent bio filtration
  • Proficient in eliminating organic contaminants, discolorations and foul smell
  • Can turn tank water naturally clearer and capable of cultivating good bacteria
  • Aids in getting rid of medications as well as hazardous compounds
  • Guarantees enhanced levels of dissolved oxygen

The delighting news is that it is unnecessary to spend lavishly for an efficient and reliable bio filter media. This product is a foolproof choice in that it comes with lots of perks that every aquarium hobbyist can benefit from.

Whether you are currently keeping a freshwater or marine tank, this can be used for both. It is not intricate to set up and use; in point of fact, it is equipped with reusable media bag that makes it a lot easier to handle. It allows healthy bacteria to multiply by means of its outstandingly made porous structure. Isn’t it a great purchase for a budget-friendly price tag?

  • Can be utilized for both marine and freshwater tank filters
  • Allows easy handling because it comes with reusable media bag
  • Designed with superiorly absorptive structure that enables good bacteria to grow rapidly
  • Unbeatable price tag
  • Bacteria habitat is filled with tourmaline that enables more oxygen to dissolve in water

This bio media for canister filter is capable of keeping huge particulates from clogging up bio media and pads that extends the period between cleanings. It is superb when it comes to disintegrating fish wastes and helps in preventing the possibility of sponges to be clogged instantly. This box is sufficient enough to handle 2 canister filters.

In the same way, it can be cleaned effortlessly through agitation and thorough rinsing and the reason that makes it a very cost-effective option is its reusable feature. In fact, this can be used for many years with proper care and maintenance. You can place it in any media basket in any type of canister since it comes loose in a plastic bag. Assuredly, this is one great means to keep your water smelling clean and fresh.

  • Capable of building up healthy bacteria quite quickly
  • Functions efficiently when it comes to impeding filter clogging
  • Quite reliable at catching solid waste that needed to be eliminated rapidly
  • Excellent quality and affordable price tag
  • Aids in minimizing filter media replacement

This filter pad comes with dependable and consistent design that can guarantee exceptional filtration performance. It is ideal for eliminating fine residues. And, this won’t in any way bring about any harm to the environment. It is harmless for all fish species and other forms of aquatic creatures. It does not contain dye.

Likewise, the above portion of this filter pad is made up of durable polyester fibers; on the other hand, the lower portion is made up of flexible fibers. It is essential to note that the fibers located at the above section are not fixed but purposely made to be loose in order to come up with a thick pad. The lower fibers are created to intertwine the fibers into a solid layer.

  • Recognized for being the top choice of wise consumers and professionals
  • Built using sturdy polyester fibers that can guarantee superb strength
  • Can be instantly cut into any size required for a better fit
  • Great at enhancing the quality of tank water
  • Highly practical for use in both marine and freshwater tanks

This aquarium filter media is a lot easier to utilize for aquarium filters rather than pre-made carbon cartridges. There is no need to have second thoughts whether this is a good buy or not because it is 100% safe for all tanks, marine and freshwater fish tanks and ponds. You can rest assured that it does not have chemical components that could endanger the health of your aquatic pets.

In like manner, you can cut this into any size of your choice or as needed. Since this is proudly an American product, it does not come with many flaws that would disappoint you in the end. It does a wonderful job at keeping various sorts of impurities at bay. It is undemanding to use and maintenance is a breeze. And, you need not spend extravagantly to purchase this item as well.

  • Harmless to use for tanks, marine and freshwater fish tanks and ponds
  • Does not contain any chemical
  • Made up of durable and 100% polyester material
  • Can be easily cut into required sizes
  • Proudly manufactured in the USA

What To Look For When Buying An Aquarium Filter Media ?


There are numerous brands and kinds of filters that are sold on the market these days that somehow make it less painful to find the suitable one that satisfies your requirements and preference.

Besides the price tag, there are other factors that you need to think through before making the final decision.

Take into consideration that which brand to purchase will highly depend on your preference of water climate and fish to keep; for instance, you may mull over the kind of tank you own: marine or freshwater.

Aside from these, you also need to ponder on the size of the tank you are keeping, the number of fish dwelling in your aquarium, and many more.

Highly recommended filter media generally contain 2 of the basic forms of filtration. And chemical filtration is not often required.

Why do you need a aquarium filter media?

Needless to say, all aquariums need to be thoroughly cleaned and the tank water seriously needs to be strained regularly. However, the truth is there are specific aspects that you can’t eliminate in a conventional approach.

Due to this, it becomes a necessity to own a filter media if you are keeping an aquarium. This helps get rid of the hazardous particulates, chemicals and other substances that are present in the tank and could potentially bring about illnesses and may even cause the death of your fish tank occupants.

Various forms of filter media also help combat high levels of nitrate, ammonia and nitrite in the tank. They usually help create foothold for good bacteria to thrive – as you know, these are beneficial in keeping a cleaner, safer and fresher hub for your aquarium pets and plants.

In reality, you can’t alleviate chemical in tank water if you do it a manual mode, and it is impossible to build bacteria colonies inside the tank on your own. This is where the importance of owning filter media comes in. This is one sure way of removing bad chemicals from the tank.

These are very easy to utilize, they are not that expensive, and most of them are safe to use. Likewise, many options do not require frequent replacements as they are designed to be reused. And, since they are safe to use, this means that they are environment-friendly because they do not contain chemicals.

Where to buy aquarium filter media?

By happy chance, aquarium filter media products are not that strenuous to search for. As a matter of fact, these may be available in nearby local pet and fish stores in your town. Or, if you do not prefer to shop by visiting a local store personally, then you don’t even need to leave your home and just shop on the web.

If you like shopping online better, you can find innumerable filter media product options in highly recognized online shopping sites like Amazon, Lowes, eBay, Walmart, Petco, Petsmart and many other sites that are trusted by millions of aquarists all over the globe.


On the whole, if it is your goal to keep your aquarium water clean, safe and fresh; then, you need to take in mind how crucial it is to invest in the best aquarium filter media. Truth is, be it a freshwater or a saltwater tank, sustaining the ideal tank water conditions seriously calls for some insight regarding the distinct forms of filter media utilized for aquariums. Luckily, all these were exhaustively discussed in this article.

And, since there’s a bevy of available choices on the market nowadays, the 12 product reviews discreetly evaluated a while ago will certainly guide you as you select the one that you think and feel will be the best pick for your aquarium needs.

Be reminded that finding the appropriate filter media setup for your aquarium could remarkably aid your finned friends and other aquatic creatures occupying your tank to be at their best.