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Best Rimless Fish Tanks 2020

Best Rimless Fish Tanks 2020

There are ample reasons why countless of people in the aquarium keeping world invest in the best rimless fish tanks. Needless to say, keeping one certainly brings you inexplicable happiness and relaxation. This does not solely help in beautifying the tank but it also does a wonderful job at making aquarium occupants become livelier and awesome pets to keep.

It is true that there are a plenty of distinct types of aquariums available on the market nowadays; however, if you are searching for the most outstanding choice in terms of aesthetics and extraordinary appeal, rimless fish tanks are absolutely the perfect pick to consider. These are entirely built using superior quality glass and plastic materials that your aquarium pets will find amazing to thrive in.

And, as compared to conventional fish tanks that come with thicker external edges that could disfigure or block your view of the inside, a rimless aquarium will enable you to have a clear glance into the underwater sanctum with much ease and with fascinating features.

Do you think this is what you have long been dreaming of? Then, start exploring the different rimless aquarium reviews below and also check out other vital information that you need to know on how to shop for them.

Best Rimless Aquarium Reviews 2020

This 10 gallon rimless aquarium is specifically constructed with a durable base. In the same way, it is designed with an attached LED lamp that you could often change at any period. This is popular for being a first rate tank for goldfish and bettas. It even comes with a very functional Cascade internal filter.

Also, this is designed with a sleek front and curved corners that surprisingly appear quite sophisticated and contemporary. Many aquarium fanatics go for this brand because of its stunning and unique look. You won’t have issues with its filter since it operates in a silent mode; this means that it won’t disturb you and your most precious aquatic pets.

If you wish to end up buying premium quality rimless fish tanks, then Landen brand is the name you can trust. This comes with a very lucid glass that enables you to clearly see the entire view inside the tank. In like manner, the joints and seams are all flat, square and straight and the silicone is of top quality as well. For all these superb features, this brand has been recognized as one of the top-drawer rimless cube tank sold on the market at present.

In line with this, the cube tanks are built with pristine clear glass that is so transparent and this also comes with cube silicone seams that are certified hand-laid. This product is also available in a broad range of sizes that fish tank keepers can select from. In order for you to get the suitable size you especially require, you may refer to the size list of this product.

This is the best pick for newbies. It is made with smooth vertical style that can ensure sufficient amount of lighting and a powerful filter system. You will like its vertical framework since this is great for saving shelf space. And, unlike other brands, the filter of this rimless nano tank is capable of operating in a silent approach.

Moreover, the base of this tank is made of superior quality plastic that is sturdy enough and capable of holding the weight of the tank quite well. The lighting is just right. The white LEDs are stunning enough to boost glistening light in the water. On the other hand, the blue LEDs generate a soothing moonshine glow that is so nice to behold.

This rimless cube aquarium measures 10″x10″. It is worth mentioning that it is highly recommended for those who keep aquatic plants and shrimps. Its size is ideal for anyone who does not prefer something that’s too long or too big. Its design is quite modish and elegant. It does not take up huge space and you can even position it in a small dresser or desk.

Likewise, the glasswork is of premium quality. This won’t scratch the place where you decided to position it because it comes with a black impact mat. The current selling price is not that bad, so you don’t have to worry about putting a big hole in your pocket.

This Landen rimless aquarium looks definitely impressive. It is well-built and the edges of the tank are all impeccably coordinated. The pristine clear quality glass is quite appealing and there is zero green tint to be found on the glass since this only contains low iron content. This is the perfect product if you prefer adequate space for your fish and reef options.

More than that, it is also manufactured from 6 mm glass and since it only contains low iron content, the lucidity is nearly 100%. Unlike other similar products out there, this does not have silicone who there is no need for trimming.

The 45-degree angle cut edge found in this tank is quite fascinating and is capable of ensuring a very sleek viewing experience. As a result, if you opt for a 20 gallon rimless aquarium, then this could be the ideal alternative that you can carefully look into. Its concealed rear filter and its 45-degree accuracy cut seams are what make this product more prominent among other options available these days.

Without any question, this is the most favorite choice of both beginners and pros in the aquarium keeping world precisely because it does not require very tedious and complex set up procedures unlike other similar products. And, it is not difficult to clean and maintain as it only needs bottom drain and plug which can be accomplished in a snap.

Basically, one of the factors that make this product quite prominent from others is that the glass is extremely so transparent. And, since the primary perk to the entire rimless movement is to considerably improve tank owner’s viewing experience, this is evidently a huge perk to consider.

This frameless aquarium is constructed well and the silicone’s strength is powerful enough to hold the glass together. With its durability, you can rest assure that it will provide a long-standing service and performance that will satisfy you. And just like other tanks out there, this is also made with nano foam leveling mat that does an outstanding job and does not disturb you from the tank.

This is a reliable and topnotch 30 gallon rimless aquarium. As you might already know, acrylic construction is premium quality. This makes this tank well-prepared to go out of the parcel with everything that you especially require to install a fish-only type of tank.

The good news is that with this tank, you can have enough space for your heater, hang-on refugium, as well as media basket. As for the price, it will be tough for you to find as good as this specifically in terms of quality.

It is no doubt that shopping for rimless tanks can be a draining task particularly when you have no idea of the best option. By happy chance, this brand can finally end your long search if you prefer a pristine clear glass that is thick and sturdy enough to last for many years of usage. Truth is, numerous fish tank keepers opt for this product because it is made with low iron glass that makes it capable of providing outstanding transparency.

The best of all, it is very popular in the market because of its unmatched quality as it is built by professional tank craftsmen. As for its silicone rimming, this is perceived to have a higher standard for being clean and even.

This Cube Nano Aquarium Starter Kit from Waterbox is a spectacular tank system that is built from Starphire Ultra-Clear™. It is noteworthy that this product is created with gingerly beveled edges that are intended to offer the most impressive and stunning cube tank that you could not find just everywhere.

And, if you invest in this very advantageous all-in-one approach, as an aquarium owner, you will only need to locate the lighting system that is most appropriate to your preferred aquatic environment. Fortunately, by utilizing this 5 to 6mm beveled glass, overflow system and glass-inscribed overflow system from Waterbox; it will be a lot easier for you to keep the environment literally noise-free while at the same time hooking in your most preferred mechanical filtration media.

Beyond question, this aquarium tank set by Mr. Aqua is pie-in-the-sky. Even though it can only hold 3 gallons of water, it is sturdy enough and its LED light strip is capable of fitting nicely. This is a perfect choice for those who wish to put a mini tank in their office or dorms. Actually, many aquarium hobbyists love the low profile and mini design of this tank.

This aquarium tank set looks very tidy and is a highly practical option for those who are searching for small tanks that they can put in their office desk or dormitory, or in any place where space is limited. This is beneficial if you are planning to keep shrimps, bettas or any types of tiny fish. Assuredly, it will look definitely splendid wherever you display it. The filter works efficiently and does not generate noise that could be irritating to the ears.

If you prefer a deep blue rimless aquarium that is built with tidy design and can guarantee very lucid view of your aquarium pets and plants, then this 8-gallon tank by Hygger is an excellent pick. This comes with a sleek style that makes use of a curved front panel that also integrates a clear top panel to ensure a wider and clearer view inside the aquarium.

Withal, this tank is constructed with built-in artificial 3D rock that serves as a backdrop and also acts as crevices for your aquatic pets to tuck away. But, please be aware that this heavy feature lessens the actual capacity of this aquarium to solely six gallons.

What To Look For When Buying A Rimless Aquarium ?


If you are wondering where to begin when buying rimless tanks, then here are the purchasing guides for you to look into:

  • How much is your budget? The amount of money you currently have and the amount you are willing to spend for a rimless tank can affect the quality of tank you can get.

What does this mean? Expensive brands do not always mean they are the best, cheaper ones do not always mean they’re made of poor quality. To be certain, it won’t hurt to conduct your own research, read some product reviews and make some product comparisons.

  • What type of aquarium do you keep? Is it freshwater, saltwater, planted, reef?
  • What the tank features for you to ponder on? Materials the tank is made of, size and shape, lighting, filtration system, and heater.
  • How many fish do you keep in the tank?
  • Do you keep small or big types of fish in the tank?
  • What is the weight of the tank?

What is a rimless aquarium? 

Rimless tanks are increasingly becoming the most renowned type of tanks sold on the market today. They are very appealing to the eyes and are not difficult to manage and take care of. These are ideal for anyone keeping turtles, frag tanks, stingray and island tanks.

Rimless tanks are the top choice for those who want to focus on the aesthetic appeal of the aquarium. This type of tank works by taking the aquascape of the tank to the next level. And, since it does not have any unsightly trim and frame, it focuses on what is inside the aquarium rather than what is surrounding it.

For a fact, many professional aquarists use this type of tank. Indeed, a lot of aquascaping firms use rimless designs to display their work with neat and sophisticated design. This is applicable to a contemporary office looking, kitchen, dorms, and other places that typically have limited spaces. It is worth noting that rimless tanks can harmoniously blend with any environment.

Why do you need rimless tanks? 

Rimless aquariums are quite popular for their aesthetic appeal. Many consumers prefer them more over other options because they also come in a number of upsides and these consist of:

  1. They make use of top quality low-iron glasses that are adept at minimizing green tint; hence, they allow clearer and unobstructed aquarium view.
  2. These are built using thick and sturdy silicone, acrylic and glass that enable them to hold the weight even without the brace.
  3. There is no obstruction in the internal and external section of the aquarium panel. The water line is quite visible giving the tank a more natural look. You can focus on what’s inside the tank.
  4. These are manufactured with various types of acrylic and glass that come in distinct sizes. Thus, you are offered with limitless options that you can select from depending on your preference.
  5. You can use them for both freshwater and saltwater tanks.
  6. They are easy to clean and maintain. And, they are not troublesome to install. You have instant access for feeding too.

Where to buy rimless fish tanks?

Various brands of rimless tanks can be bought in neighboring fish or pet stores in your current location. Buying in local stores will give you the opportunity to personally see and inspect the rimless aquarium of your choice; however, this may take time and energy to do so.

Anyhow, if you’re going to shop online, you will be provided with more options to select from. Typically, you can see here many of the brands that you can’t find in local stores. Some of the online shopping sites where you can find rimless tanks include Amazon, Aqua Lab Aquaria, Petsmart, Lowes, Walmart, Petco, eBay and many other sites that are recognized globally.


Every fish enthusiasts certainly have his/her very own requirements and preference with regards to the kind of aquarium he/she would like to keep. And, it cannot be denied that when it comes to ease of set up, out-of-the-ordinary appeal and ease of maintenance, the best rimless aquariums are definitely incomparable.

As mentioned in this article, many aquarium hobbyists prefer this type of tank mainly because it is aesthetically pleasing and it can be a very stunning shelter for your most cherished aquatic pets and plants. As a matter of fact, many people who own rimless tanks never even think of buying rimmed tank again on their next purchase.

In essence, when it comes to picking the right rimless tank for you, the product reviews and shopping guides clearly discussed above can be your helpful aid so you can come up with the best possible option for your needs and preference.