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Best Aquarium Sumps 2020

Best Aquarium Sumps 2020

Are you contemplating on shopping for the best aquarium sumps? It is essential to be careful when getting the right fish tank sump for you since this could play a very vital role when it comes to keeping your fish tank clean and in ensuring a more enhanced aeration of the tank water.

Basically, an aquarium sumps functions as a filter and may also serve as a useful storage place for aquarium equipment, for instance, reactors as well as heaters. This does a very indispensable job at enhancing the aeration of the water inside the tank and at the same time it helps keep the water mess-free and safe for your finned friends to breathe and swim in.

Truth is, there are a plenty of fish tank sump kits available these days; however, it is critical to be very meticulous when buying one so you could surely delight in the perks that fish tank sumps can provide.

Luckily, this article will help you find out which fish tank sump kit products can work well in sustaining an aquarium that is clean and safe for your fish tank occupants to thrive. You may go over the various sump products below to assist you in your final decision.

Best Aquarium Sump Reviews 2020

  • Dimensions: 24 x 14 x 14
  • Skimmer Compartment: 9 x 12
  • Return Compartment: 4.5 x 12
  • Tank Usage: Up to 100g
  • Total Water Volume: 17g
  • Full Cast Acrylic Construction and full top support brace
  • Quiet Water Flow Operation design
  • Interchangeable Floss Filter Box and Filter Sock Holder (Filter Sock Included)
  • Heater holder, test probe holder and dosing holes and auto top off float valve (Removable features)
  • Polycarbonate Sump Cover
  • Full Cast Acrylic Construction, Full Top Support Brace and comes with Polycarbonate Sump Cover
  • Quiet Water Flow Operation Design with Interchangeable Floss Filter Box and Filter Sock Holder (Filter Sock Included)
  • Heater holder, test probe holder and dosing holes and auto top off float valve (Removable features)
  • Water Level Adjustable (5”-12”) in protein skimmer, refugium and equipment chamber
  • Refugium Ready
  • Full Cast Acrylic Construction, Full Top Support Brace and comes with Polycarbonate Sump Cover
  • Quiet Water Flow Operation Design with Interchangeable Floss Filter Box and Filter Sock Holder (Filter Sock Included)
  • Heater holder, test probe holder and dosing holes and auto top off float valve (Removable features)
  • Water Level Adjustable (5”-12”) in protein skimmer, refugium and equipment chamber
  • Refugium Ready

It can certainly be daunting to hunt for the best refugium nowadays given the fact that there are so many good brands to check out. If you are buying a sump that could be ideal for a 10 by up to 75 gallons tank, then this could match your needs. This is built with a separate skimmer compartment as well.

Mostly, this sump is small and compact and may only be capable of holding limited fish tank gallons when filled to the directed waterline mark. So, this means that it is radically made for a small tank. This enables for the addition of a reactor too.

Without any shadow of doubt, it is more cost-effective to invest in a saltwater sump that you can put together all by yourself. Nowadays, there are so many DIY sump kits for you to select from, and these are relatively more affordable to purchase as compared to the ones that are ready-made.

You’ll love the fact that with this DIY sump kit, you can have the chance to designate the required space for every compartment. Thus, unlike ready-made versions, you are less likely to have problems with space where to properly fit your aquarium equipment. This is made of top quality acrylic materials that can ensure long-standing use.

This sump is designed to be aesthetically-appealing and can run smoothly. Hence, if you are searching for sump refugiums that appear to be well-constructed and elegant, then this could meet your preference.

It can serve as an impressive shelter for all your aquarium equipment or it could also be utilized to accommodate your delicate finned friends and aquatic plants thriving inside the fish tank. Besides, it could even work wonders in enhancing the volume of water inside the aquarium.

This refugium sump kit is specifically built to offer more affordability and simplicity of design. It is specifically functional for fish tanks that contain 75 by up to 100 gallons of water. In like manner, it makes a great choice if the space is narrow in the stand below the display tank. This is incomparable in terms of reliability, ease and convenience of use and A1 performance.

Further, this includes a flex hose that you could connect to your overflow or bulkhead and also comes with a pre-filter sponge that sits between the barriers to aid in supporting biological filtration and ward-off annoying noise. It is good to know that you can now have adequate space where you can keep your fish tank equipment as well.

What To Look For When Buying An Aquarium Sump ?

When picking the suitable size and kind of fish tank sump, it matters to take some points into account. The kind of filtration system is the most topnotch factor that you need to think through when it comes to the kind of fish tank you currently keep. More than that, also consider if your new fish tank will call for other temperature control tools or other filtration devices.

In reality, refugiums or aquarium sumps are slightly pricey nowadays, thus, rushing to get just any brand is not a smart move to make. Some of the aspects that must be pondered on when purchasing a sump for your fish tank may comprise of:


The sump has to be large enough to conform to the size of your fish tank and the number of gallons it contains. Take in mind that a sump should be a minimum of 1/3 or ¼ the size of the actual fish tank.

Indeed, see to it that it is large enough to suit all of the elements that you plant on adding in it. Check the size of your tank first to ensure that you are getting the right size that won’t congest the inside of the tank.


A sump should be durable to withstand rugged use and ensure long-lasting service. In general, sumps made of superior quality acrylic or glass materials are the best options to go.

It helps to go over some customer testimonials prior to making the final purchase so that you can be guaranteed that it comes with professionally-sealed seams and won’t have leakage issues for you to worry about in the long run. Needless to say, a punctured sump will result to a slippery and drenched floor which is of course very undesirable and dangerous.

Good Combination. 

In the event that you opt for a large sump fish tank to serve as an effective filter and at the same time you prefer a roomy space for a refugium, then you may choose the one that comes with several huge chambers. Make sure that one of those chambers could be utilized for a refugium. This way, it won’t be focused on a single purpose.

Sump Accessories. 

These are also very valuable components to mull over when purchasing a sump. It makes sense to carefully inspect if the sump comes with micro sponges, protein skimmer, filter media and micro socks. As you might already know, these are very practical and functional accessories that are quite useful if you hope to keep a clean and safe fish tank for your aquarium pets.

The appearance of the sump.

Of course, it is preferable to opt for the one that is aesthetically appealing and can make your fish tank look impressive.

Flexibility or versatility. 

The designs of sumps normally come with several chambers and easy-to-adjust baffles that permit fish tank owners to work around the design so that they could fine tune it to different aquarium equipment.

Smooth sailing to set up. 

Not to mention, nobody wants to deal with tedious installation procedures, so might as well choose a sump kit that won’t give you a headache when putting it all together. Look for those with installation instructions or installation videos available. In so doing, you can have an easy guide on how to execute it on your own.

Noiseless operation. 

As much as possible, we don’t prefer sumps that generate noise when running. Luckily, many modern options come with silent operation mode nowadays.

What is an aquarium sump? 

A sump refers to an additional tank or a separate aquarium that serves as a spot where you could add protein skimmers, filters, various fish tank cleaning devices as well as pumps without the need to actually have them inside the fish tank. In other words, it is an extra tank where you could place all the necessities so you could save adequate amount of space in the actual fish tank.

What’s more this is a substantial piece of equipment that generally lies below the display tank. This is typically utilized in saltwater tanks mainly because a number of the most outstanding equipment available is intended to be put or stored in a sump.

Normally, this is positioned within the fish tank cabinet or sometimes it is drawn to a separate basement or fish room. This way, users can enjoy easier access; however, this is mostly done for larger-sized or commercial builds. When installing a sump, this is often times placed within the cabinet and there is a need to utilize an underwater return pump to shift the water back to the display tank.

Aquarium sump works

by absorbing water from the main tank and transmitting this through a set of chambers, wherein each of these chambers serve their own purpose. A sump naturally includes micron filter bags that are designed to aid in eliminating detritus from the tank water, it could shelter a micro sponge to halt micro bubbles from penetrating, it has the capability to make room for a protein skimmer to clear the water from any sort of dirt and it could also be adaptable with different filter media and the like.

To put simply, a sump is similar with a multi-phase filter that lies outside the main tank. The water streams back into the fish tank after it has infiltrated the sump.

Why do you need an aquarium sump? 

A sump is deemed as a very essential device in that if you utilize more media for your fish tank, the more excellent your filtration system would be. Biological filtration with the aid of using a premium quality sump comes in a number of advantages and some of these are:

  • can help enhance water volume to the entire filtration system
  • provides ample spot where you could safely store your filtration media
  • can be completely customized or set up according to your needs and media preference
  • there is no need to put your equipment in the main display of your aquarium so it’s clutter-free. It’s one great way to put things in place and more organized.

As you know, if you keep your equipment in or on the main display of the tank, this seems to look cluttered and undesirable. However, try keeping this underneath the tank and below the stand and you’ll see that this looks well-kept and mess-free.

In like manner, if you start keeping the equipment in the fish tank sump area, this will enable you to enjoy instant access to it. In this way, your aquarium pets won’t be distracted and are less likely to feel stressed when you need to conduct the cleaning, water replacement and maintenance.

And, since fish tank also lets aquarium owners to improve the volume of water in their system, this would pave way for more support and capability to protect more corals, marine fish, and other types of invertebrates without requiring bigger tanks or footprint.

Where to buy aquarium sumps?

You can generally find good quality fish tank sumps at a local pet store that specializes in marine tank fish. Other times, these are available in home depot and home improvement centers. Likewise, you may also purchase them online since there are countless of great choices to explore there. Online shopping sites where you could possibly find sumps include Lowes, Amazon, eBay, Petsmart, Petco and many more.

Just be sure to only negotiate with the most credible and highly trusted online shopping sites to avoid online fraud.


Purchasing a sump kit for your fish tank is perceived as a necessity particularly when you hope to provide the best possible care for your aquarium occupants. Be that as it may, you should be insightful of your needs and the price range for these products. It is advantageous to have a careful look at the model you are eyeing to buy, so that you can end up purchasing the right option that could accommodate the size and type of fish tank you are presently keeping. In so doing, you are less likely to fail in making the final decision.

The best aquarium sumps have significant uses and purposes. In truth, a lot of large fish tank owners would find such devices to be quite indispensable. Make sure to remember the most critical aspects to look out when investing in one of these products. Surely, it is highly suggested to carefully go over the above product options and reviews prior to referring to other options.