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The Best Aquarium Wave Maker 2020

The Best Aquarium Wave Maker 2020

Are you wondering how to make your aquarium a more comfortable and natural habitat for your most cherished finned buddies and aquatic plants? As aquarium keepers, one of our priorities is to make our aquatic pets feel safe, happy and healthy inside the tank. But, how can you possibly do this?

In substance, in order to achieve these, it is critical to create a natural-like environment for them even when they dwell in a confined habitat. You can do this by investing in the best aquarium wave maker that could ensure natural-like water waves for your fish to enjoy. This will help them feel like living in a natural habitat giving them the delight and comfort they long for.

Basically, the whole idea of putting this device in fish tanks is to come up with artificial waves that can mimic an ideal and natural habitat for marine life. As you can see, it matters to learn more about how this device can help you provide the best possible environment for your aquatic pets.

Take a careful look at the following product reviews below, and in so doing, you can easily decide which brand or model best suits your requirements and preference.

Best Aquarium Wave Maker Reviews in 2020

Are you planning to invest in a functional aquarium current maker? Then, this model can be your best ally. This device’s magnet, motor housing as well as wiring are all manufactured with solid materials that look expensive. Its size is just right and its controller is equipped with a lot of functions for you to take pleasure in.

In the same way, you’ll be stunned of its very vigorous motor and this is designed with versatile control output and is quite silent on the tank’s thick glass. It could also execute a nice job when it comes to remarkably decreasing cyano bacteria in spots that do not previously obtain adequate movement.

  • Takes up less space and does not produce much noise
  • Features distinct flow rates ranging from 180 by up to 2,100 gph
  • Ensures exceptional wave control, feed mode and night mode
  • Assembly is a breeze with magnetic base
  • Equipped with a one-touch feed mode

This is known for being one of the most pocket-friendly options sold in the market to date; it’s an A1 circulation pump that is highly recognized for its versatility. You can pick from the smallest fish tank pump from this brand to the biggest one available if necessary. It could function best if you keep a tiny tank too.

The good news is that you can freely select from diverse types of power ranging from 1500 GPH, 1150 GPH, 850 GPH and 600 GPH- all these can be obtained in reasonably priced selling costs. You can position this pump anywhere you prefer since it is equipped with powerful suction cup that can ensure practical use for saltwater and freshwater aquariums of any size and shape.

  • Does not consume more energy when operating
  • Risk-free to utilize with wave timers
  • Made with compact size and design
  • Comes with magnet-suction cup support that enables any type of placements inside the tank
  • Can guarantee higher flow rates as compared to other models

This powerhead pump is very practical for use for large saltwater tanks since it has the capability to clean a tank that contains 528 gallons of water in just a span of one hour. And, it is designed with a top quality submersible filter that operates without any irking noise that can also be concealed from view.

Essentially, this reef wave maker comes with an articulating ball joint that works to standardize the movement of water in a 360 degree angle. Moreover, this is the one that ensures free flow of water in all the edges of the aquarium.

  • Does not allow residues or filth settle down on the tank’s surface
  • Highly recommended for large saltwater tanks
  • Known for its exceptional 360 degree water movement
  • Designed with submersible filter that operates in a silent mode
  • Helps ensure clean environment for your fish tank dwellers

This brand comes complete with a superb remote control feature. Besides, it utilizes a silent, propeller style wave pump that is administered by the LOOP pump controller. Furthermore, this device’s wireless feature is the one responsible for regulating the speed of the water flow as well as its circulation patterns that imitate ocean-like reef currents.

In like manner, the wave pulse mode feature resembles pulsing wave action. It is built with adjustable swivel bracket that works to supply directional water flow accurately wherever you require it the most. You only have to pivot the pump in the path you prefer the water current and observe it to flow – you can do this whether you wish to direct streaming water current at a coral or generate wave action on the surface of the water.

  • Equipped with easy-to-adjust swivel bracket that supplies directional flow of water
  • Super sturdy magnet that enables easy placement
  • Comes with LED display that supplies present mode of velocity and flow
  • Designed with easy wireless control feature
  • Already includes all tools and accessories to operate it effectively

This product is available in distinct sizes and you can freely select from these options hinging on the size of the current tank that you are keeping. The delighting news is that you can pick from 550 by up to 1500 GPH water-filtering Hydor pump. And, luckily, it could adapt well with brand new and upgraded technology that impedes any vibration in the aquarium that could potentially annoy your aquarium pets.

Apart from these, this unit is quite energy-efficient yet it does not affect its sterling performance. The combination of magnetic mount and powerful suction is quite advantageous as well. Also, what’s so admirable about it is that it can deliver promising results that you can obtain without spending more money. Isn’t it a great deal for you not to miss out?

  • Can be positioned in the tank as per your preference
  • Consumes less power
  • Guarantees higher rates of flow
  • Installation and maintenance is a breeze
  • Best value for the money

Originally manufactured for reef aquarium that houses various invertebrates and corals, this wavemaker powerhead is very serviceable at home specifically for planted fish tanks. This version is upgraded with four-pole units whereby its previous one was only two-pole magnet impellers.

And, this improvement helps in maintaining less noisy operation and it could also enhance water flow and torque while at the same time this does a first-rate function at maintaining a tiny pump size.

  • Comes with multi-pump control feature
  • Designed with well-upgraded four-pole impeller design
  • Built with pre-programmed rates of flow and modes
  • Administered by wireless control
  • Can provide generous wave pattern modes that resemble reef wave current

This aquarium flow pump is designed with OLED display that is meant for effortless installation and programming. Likewise, it is built with pre-programmed water movement modes that include constant speed, pulsing, random pulse, gradual pulsing and alternating gyre, please be guided that this calls for a second pump unit for it to function as advertised.

In addition to all these, it also features 10-minute feeding timer that can lessen the flow of water while you feed your invertebrates. You can also easily program the water pump so you could instantly ramp up and down over a span of 24 hours- it is interesting to note that this could resemble tidal flow currents.

  • Features a 24-hour program cycle and a total of 5 distinct flow modes
  • Can guarantee fantastic movement of water
  • Comes with a well-built controller that’s quite functional
  • Ideal option for reefers on a budget
  • Highly advantageous for fish tanks containing a total of 25 by up to 100 gallons of water

This is a high end device that you can employ to sustain ocean-like water movement in your aquarium. The best of all, it does not consume more power so you don’t need to be upset about the possibility of paying higher electric bill monthly.

More than that, this is ideal for anyone who is on a budget. Its construction and performance are topnotch. This is highly recommended for tanks containing 30 by up to 60 gallons of water.

  • Straightforward installation and mounting
  • Comes with reliable and sturdy built
  • Shuts down automatically when lights went off
  • Designed with distinctive control system that enables multiple functions
  • Rate of flow can be easily adjusted

This powerhead operates remarkably well. And, even for first-timers, you won’t have any difficulty positioning it in the tank. Its design is suitable for anyone who considers taking it out of the tank to mix salt. Its base stays in its place and it can puff out of its holder without any struggle.

Interestingly, the magnet that is in charge of holding the powerhead in place is very sturdy. Unless it is turned off, it will be impossible for critters to get inside it. This is also very useful for smaller tanks that require medium to low flow rate. Thus, if your purpose is to ensure just adequate amount of water to move around the tank, then this makes a perfect choice to buy.

  • Designed with 360°Free Rotation that makes wave orientation easy to adjust
  • Fixed by a strong magnet so you can expect forceful magnet function
  • Equipped with water flow switch on its outlet that enables adjustable flow rate
  • Pump inside the tank can be instantly moved with the aid of external magnet
  • Plain sailing to clean and maintain

This device is well-constructed and comes with heavy powerhead. And, to make the cleaning process a lot easier to manage after using the unit, it is designed with removable pieces. Also, this can ensure very powerful performance so you should be careful in using it particularly if you are keeping smaller tanks.

Along with these features, this wave maker pump is untroublesome to assemble and is proudly made with durable materials and, as a matter of fact, many consumers who have purchased this model like its compact design for extra added convenience.

  • Can guarantee complete range of flow directions for fish tanks
  • Safe to utilize, easy to set up and mounting is a piece of cake
  • Helps establish a natural ecological habitat for aquarium pets
  • Durable and comes in compact design
  • Designed with distinctive and cutting edge design circulation wave maker pump

This can serve both saltwater and freshwater tanks and this is made possible by its broad spread range. Its motor can be fully submerged in water and this does a wonderful function of preventing any particulates or other types of pollution to get into it. This makes it a lot easier to mount wherever you prefer and allow it to function just as you would prefer. As you know, other brands do not have this feature making them slightly intricate to utilize.

Not to mention, for more versatile directions, the suction cups are designed with articulating ball joints. It is equipped with a long power cable so installing it wherever you like is possible. Undeniably, you will have it easy when it comes to setting it up.

  • Equipped with oil-free and completely submersible motor that is adept at thwarting dirt and contamination
  • Suction cup contains articulating ball joints meant for more flexible directions
  • Comes with a broad spread range that is highly practical for saltwater and freshwater tanks
  • Built with 360 degree rotation that enables exhaustive flow directions
  • Includes two pack of convenient pumps

This circulation pump wave maker will certainly worth every single penny you invest in it. What makes it stand out among other options available on the market these days is its oil and grease-free motor that could combat anything that would pollute the tank. Since this works too strong, it may not be the perfect match for smaller tanks but it will definitely execute an excellent job for larger tanks.

In terms of water circulation and impressive flow rate, this is unparalleled. It comes with a sturdy build and is not a pain in the butt to put together and operate. You only need to make sure that you comply with the instructions to enjoy its full potential.

  • Can guarantee minimum vibration with less noise
  • Equipped with durable, grease and oil-free magnetic motor
  • Works practically and more effectively for larger-sized tanks
  • Comes with a flow rate of 1300 GPH
  • Does a prime job at circulating water that would benefit your aquarium pets

What To Look For When Buying An Aquarium Wave Maker ?


When shopping for aquarium wave makers, keep the following buying guides in mind:

Durability. Check out if the device is made of high quality materials and if it is capable of providing long-standing service. There are some models that do not last for more than six months, some need to be replaced every so often etc.

Current selling cost. There are less expensive brands and costly ones. While it is valuable to consider the amount of money you’re eager to spend for this device, do not settle for cheaper models if quality is unreliable.

Safety. Since you will be using the unit in your aquarium, it is just right to be very careful and opt for the one that would less likely to cause any unfortunate incident for your aquatic pets. Make sure it is harmless for your aquarium buddies.

Is there a warranty offer? Reputable manufacturers always offer different types of solid warranties. If it is not covered by a warranty, then consider looking for other options.

Why do you need a wave maker for aquarium? 

Aquarium wave makers are deemed as practical investments mainly because these are packed with helpful uses and favors for both aquarium owners and their aquarium pets. And, some of these perks comprise of the following:

  • An aquarium wave maker is not solely for aesthetic purposes inside the aquarium. The reason why this is a must-buy for aquarium owners is because your fish is well-acquainted with waves and the current in water. This device allows you to create artificial waves inside the tank that will certainly delight aquatic pets.

Hence, they tend to survive healthily in an environment that they love. Providing them with an ocean-like habitat will encourage them to be jolly and livelier.

  • This unit can help alleviate dead spots present in the water. It is worth mentioning that the dead spots refer to those areas that remain stagnant. These spots are known to be unhealthy and unsafe for aquarium pets since these areas cannot supply fresh oxygen.

And since wave makers also help circulate the water in the tank, you can get rid of the possibility of bacteria, dirt and algae buildup. When the water remains clean, it will always ensure the safety and health of your aquatic pets and plants.

  • Since invertebrates and corals find it difficult to move in the spot where nutrients are found, a wave maker does an important job in helping various invertebrates and corals to get hold of the nutrients in the aquarium.

By installing this device in your aquarium

you can now guarantee that the nutrients will be shifted to where it is.

  • Having artificial waves in the aquarium will make it look more impressive and relaxing to behold. You, your loved ones and guests will be amazed of this appealing sight and would also be engrossed to know how this device works.

Isn’t it nice to see fish and aquatic plants enjoy a natural-like habitat even when they are confined in a fish tank?

Where to buy aquarium wave maker?

Aquarium wave makers are fortunately not so difficult to find. In reality, you can start looking for them in neighboring fish or pet stores in your current area. There are lots of options available for you to choose from.

But, if you are more comfortable shopping online, you can check out Lowes, Walmart, Amazon, eBay, Petco, Petsmart and a plenty of other credible online shopping sites. These sites could offer you lots of choices to pick from depending on brands, size, features and price range.


Above all, now that you have explored the best aquarium wave maker reviews discussed in a comprehensive detail above, you should be in a position to finally decide which model can work best in accordance to your requirements and preference.

In essence, even though these devices tend to differ in price range, features and sizes, there are minor distinctions with each of the brands aforementioned. All you need to do is to select the model that you feel and think can better handle your needs in a more efficient mode.

Take in mind that it is necessary to consider the size of your aquarium in order for you to appropriately figure out which brand would be the ideal pick for you. Go ahead and make sure to choose a wave maker that could mimic a natural-like yet artificial wave in your fish tank. This way, you can provide your aquatic pets a kind of habitat that is identical to a natural one.

It is nice to know that you can create artificial waves inside the tank without the need to further your search and spend extravagantly for a device that could best perform in accordance to your needs and style.