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The Best Aquarium Gravel for 2020

The Best Aquarium Gravel for 2020

There are several reasons why it is a must to utilize gravel in a tank. The first reason is the fact that this just helps make the aquarium look more appealing. Indeed, whether you opt for natural stone for a more genuine look or a more radiant color that could aid make the whole thing pop, your aquarium will look more brilliant with aquarium gravel placed underneath.

Aside from this, gravel serves a number of vital functions and it’s the ideal means to tie up any tank plants that you are putting in your aquarium. Your plants will root and flourish when placed in the gravel. This also serves as a shelter for the bacterial colonies that your aquarium requires to remain healthy.

Similarly, if you get gravel that is compact and tiny enough, there is less space for debris to hide – this obviously aids in keeping the aquarium water more balanced and tidy.

If you are aware that gravel is for more than merely making your aquarium look more impressive, you will able to realize why some options are a lot better as compared to others.

So, explore the best aquarium gravel reviews below to help you come up with a smart and the best purchase for your tank!

Best Aquarium Gravel Reviews 2020

Are you looking for bright-colored gravel that could make your tank even more stunning? Surely, we all want the best gravel for fish tank. As a matter of fact, many fish hobbyists prefer aquariums that have bright-colored decors. Luckily, GloFish Gravel product is the right choice if you wish to put more diverse and brilliant colors in your aquarium.

This is so easy to use as you only have to add the gravel in the tank if you wish you may also add some more decors of your choice and you can instantly come up with a great masterpiece. Likewise, this aquarium gravel consists of stones that come in different sizes, shapes as well as colors.

  • Comes in available varied and vibrant colors
  • Guaranteed safe for fish
  • Aesthetically pleasing to the eye
  • Ideal for terrariums and top dressing air plants
  • A dramatic addition to any aquarium

Are you in need of fish tank gravel ideas? Then, you may consider adding some plants, rocks, and gravel in your aquarium. These are perfect decors that could make your tank look attractive and at the same to ensure a better habitat for your tank inhabitants.

Marina Decorative Gravel comes in the perfect amount for smaller versions of aquariums. These are commonly low in dust that could easily come off when you rinse them. What is more, these are a fascinating contrast to some moderately larger white stones that you utilize to accent this.

  • Comes with round edges
  • Help encourage the growth of good bacteria
  • Does not affect water chemistry
  • Comes in varying colors and vibrant shades
  • Can be mixed with other marbles

Are you planning to shop for some tank decors? Then, you have to ensure that you carefully pick the fish tank gravel color that could perfectly complement the other plants and living creatures in your aquarium.

This tank gravel product is not solely lovely to behold but most importantly it is safe for plants and fish that dwell in the tank. It is non-toxic so you can rest assured that it won’t have any unpleasant effect on the chemistry of water in the aquarium.

  • Safe to use and does not alter water chemistry
  • Made of 100% acrylic coating and it’s colorfast
  • Known for being natural decorative gravel
  • Comes in unique sizes, shapes, and colors
  • Help shelter good bacteria

Without any doubt, all aquarium enthusiasts prefer to end up investing in the small aquarium gravel. And to do so, it is crucial to know the type of tank inhabitants you have and what decors you want to add in your aquarium.

This Shallow Creek gravel is highly recommended for aquariums that are smaller in size. This product is comprised of tiny-sized granules that are safe for the tank water as it does not affect the water’s pH level. Therefore, it is friendly for the fish and other plants living in the tank.

  • Ideal for tanks that are smaller
  • Does not badly affect water pH
  • Comes in a non-toxic coating
  • Capable of providing a haven to tank plants
  • Ideal for freshwater tanks

Carib Sea’s gravel product comes with a color variation that absolutely provides a more natural effect. Apart from this, it is smooth and nice for bottom inhabitants and you won’t have any concerns with the pH level of water.

It is not necessary to rinse it quite well since it is not as muddy as compared to other gravel products. This will definitely fit the bill if you are eyeing for a more natural-ish look for your aquarium. The tiny stones are of assorted colors and look stunning in the tank.

  • Looks natural in the tank
  • Superb substrate for aquariums
  • Perfect if you’re utilizing plants
  • Can create a stunning décor in the tank
  • Helps plants have ample root system to flourish

Do you wish to add a more fascinating aquarium gravel color that would amaze your guests and tank inhabitants? Then, Exotic Pebbles will satisfy your preference. You will certainly be surprised by how these tank decors can transform your tank into a very nice habitat that your fish will love!

These pebbles are the right pick for your fish tank. If you’re going to observe them closely, the pebbles are very nice, quite smooth and are of suitable size. For a fact, a lot of people mistake them for petroleum. As you can see, the stones are covered in wax.

  • Comes with smooth and nice texture
  • Non-toxic for plants and fish
  • Ideal use for ponds and tanks
  • Does not have an effect on water chemistry
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors

Are you currently in search of out-of-the-ordinary colored aquarium gravel that could aid in aesthetically embellishing your tank? Then, Carib Sea Gemstone Creek Gravel can be the perfect pick that won’t let you down! If you are going to closely observe the colors and sizes, you will realize that these are highly selected for the purpose of re-establishing a natural habitat for your fish inhabitants.

Over and above, what makes this an even nicer option to consider is that it is risk-free to use for all systems, comes in neutral pH and has bigger granule sizes that are adept at minimizing detritus. The package is big enough and weighs 50-lbs. so this is a good catch to consider.

  • Nice color and appropriate pebble size
  • Premium quality aquarium gravel
  • Ideal for 70-gallon fish aquarium
  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • Beautiful earth-stone colors

Do you find it hard to search for the best aquarium gravel for plants that could add stunning and vibrant color to your aquarium? CNZ Aquarium Gravel can provide the radiant color that will help make your tank look livelier and a very impressive shelter that your tank friends can enjoy.

The gravel is larger than the regular tank gravel, it comes with wonderful colors, it does not have any foul odor and is certified premium quality. As compared to other aquarium gravel brands, this product is not difficult to clean.

  • Perfect for creative indoor and outdoor design
  • Superior quality polymer coated gravel
  • An elegant accent to ponds, tanks, terrariums and water gardens
  • Can provide outstanding pops of color
  • Not exhausting to clean up

This gravel is a nice combination of gravel and dirt that has made all the distinction with tank plants. If you are looking for top-drawer aquarium gravel, this option will make a huge difference for you!

This aids plants thrive and grow like they never did in the past with standard tank gravel. What is more, the dark color can make the fish and shrimp colors stand out.

It is worth mentioning that tropical fish tank gravel can make your aquarium a stunning display to behold particularly when you are extremely drained in a whole day of work. Your fish won’t only be the ones to benefit if you invest in this gravel.

  • Exhaustive substrate for freshwater planted tanks
  • Aid stimulate vigorous plant root growth
  • Comes with minor and major elements that sustain tank plants
  • Helps cycle a new aquarium
  • Amazing live plant gravel

This black aquarium gravel is one of the outstanding choices for a tank plant that needs to be mixed with fluorite root tabs as well as prospering plant juice. While you may encounter plenty of dust that particularly necessitates serious washing and filtering at the beginning, still this could serve as a perfect substrate for aquatic plants that are placed in a planted aquarium.

It is worth noting that this gravel will function at its best if you carefully wash it a few times prior to adding it in the aquarium and filling it with water. In truth, it is normal for the tank water to appear dusky at first setup; however, this will vanish after one day once you begin the filter procedure.

  • Ideal substrate for a newly set up aquarium
  • Ensure very fast growth for plants
  • A perfect complement to the aquascape
  • Helps maintain healthy plants in the tank
  • Comes with gorgeous black color

What To Look For When Buying Aquarium Gravel ?


Once you finally decide to add some rock or gravel decors to your tank, it is a must to consider some factors when shopping for these products and some reminders consist of the following:

  • When shopping for aquarium gravel, it is critical to think over how deep does the tank gravel need to be. If you plan to buy tank gravel, keep in mind that you have to utilize 1 ½ lb. of gravel for each gallon.

Moreover, note that this shall differ a bit with the shape of your aquarium and the size of the gravel; however, this is the best place to begin. It is suggested to have an insight into the amount you should purchase when shopping.

  • In addition to this, having approximately 2 inches of gravel underneath the aquarium is advisable if you have one that is below 50 gallons.

As you know, this is the ideal height that helps keep the proportion of gravel and water appearing natural and provides your décor a wonderful base to sit on. This is a nice depth for your tank plants to root.

  • On the other hand, if you own a bigger aquarium; for instance, 50 gallons and above, you could go by up to 3 to 4 inches. This shall also aid keep the proportion of gravel to water in the aquarium amazingly attractive.

Furthermore, you may prefer bigger plants in a bigger aquarium.

Keep in mind that deeper substrate provides them more room to root in order for them to instantly reach their full potential.

  • If you decide to utilize under gravel filter, please be advised that 2 inches are generally the minimum amount that you will require; nevertheless, see to it that you review the manual first.

Two inches of gravel is not necessary if you do not have any live plants in the aquarium. A thin layer will do fine if you prefer less gravel. Remember, too thick is not recommended.

Too much gravel will only bring about more dirt or waste as well as too many rooms to hide; if this happens, this will only shake off the balance of the entire aquarium.

What are the different types of aquarium gravel?

  1. Tank Gravel. This serves as a perfect medium for most aquariums. This is readily available in distinct colors and sizes.
  2. Coral Sand. This is usually made of calcium carbonate that gradually fluidifies in water. Procedure works through acid accumulation or decomposing organic matter in the aquarium. This is what makes coral sand recommended for fish that prefer superior pH levels.
  3. Marble Chippings. Calcium carbonate-based fish aquarium substrate. These are not as porous and are bulkier as compared with coral sand. These are less pricey and come in varied shades.
  4. Aquarium Sand. Available in different colors that could aid in establishing an aesthetically-pleasing aquarium. This is a perfect medium for fish that prefer to bury or dig themselves. Since this is too small in size, it could cause contamination or damage to the tank filter.
  5. Marbles. These come in different colors, are generally flat and could provide more potentialities in designing the appearance of the tank. But, since the gaps between each marble are very big, this enables big particles of foods to be trapped and this may cause building good bacteria tougher.

They are usually utilized in breeding aquariums since the fry or eggs could fall into the gaps and be risk-free from being consumed by other starving fish and their parents.Ő

Why do you need aquarium gravel ?

Gravel products serve important functions making them quite beneficial. Some of the benefits include:

  • Biological filtration. Gravel helps in providing shelter for good bacteria. The bacterial colonies are essential to get rid of wastes which are produced by leftover food, fish and other plant residues in the tank.

If the bacteria do not have a comfortable gravel bed to dwell in, they will search for other spots; however, they might not thrive in adequate quantities to keep the tank safer for your aquarium inhabitants.

  • Shelter for live plants. Gravel is critical if you have live plants in the aquarium. The appropriate amount of gravel in planted tanks could aid guarantee that your plants will root accordingly, ensure a long and healthier life and have their nutritional requirements properly met.
  • Fish habitat. The right type of gravel could establish a wonderful hub for your fish. Needless to say, the comfier the hub is for the fish, the healthier and less stressed they will be. In reality, stress is the main cause of an impaired immune system for fish as this leaves them more prone to various ailments.
  • A more aesthetically-appealing tank. Gravel can significantly provide a very impressive look for the tank that could catch the attention of those who gaze at your aquarium. This aids in keeping the debris that is produced on a daily basis within the aquarium.

Consider having a bare bottomed aquarium even just for one day, and you will be stunned at how much waste appears on the bottom section of the tank.

Where to buy aquarium gravel?

You can buy aquarium gravel on Amazon, eBay, Lowes, and other fish stores. Other places where you can find them include department stores with gardening section and garden-related shopping centers in your area.


When you decide to set up an aquarium either as a plain hobby or something to devote your most precious time and energy with; the types of fish and plants to add in your aquarium are often the first decision for you to come up with.

Indeed, after choosing a suitably-sized tank for the fish and plants that will be thriving in it, the next thing to ponder on should be what type of freshwater tank gravel to add in the bottom of the aquarium.

Essentially, the kind of gravel you pick could have a significant impact not merely on the aesthetic appeal of the aquarium but also in the wellness of the fish and live plants that you place in the tank.

Therefore, it is all because of these why going over the best aquarium gravel reviews shared above can be advantageous in assisting you to come up with a well-informed decision. The right choice could make a huge difference in the end.