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Best 5 Gallon Fish Tanks 2020

Best 5 Gallon Fish Tanks 2020

Before you start any kind of hobby, particularly fishkeeping, you need reliable tools in order to help you gain knowledge and experience. However, not all of the readily-available tools and materials that are sold in the market can guarantee to provide you the knowledge that you need. This is true for those who wish to try out five gallon aquariums. Idealistically speaking, you still need the help of the best 5 gallon fish tanks to fully realize the wonders of this particular hobby.

If you want to succeed in this field, you need to arm yourself with knowledge about filters and aquarium kits that can help you get the best experience. Which I would be more than happy to help you with.

Best 5 Gallon Aquarium Reviews

If you are searching for a five gallon aquarium kit that can be set up immediately, the Koller Products Panaview 5 gallon Aquarium Kit is the perfect product for you. Despite its small size, it delivers a top notch performance that’s not easy find in the market today.

There are so many things that I positively like about this aquarium. First is its price. It is cost-effective and can be easily afforded by entry-level hobbyists. For those seasoned ones who are looking forward to save some cash, this is an ideal product to purchase.

  • Cost-effective
  • Energy-efficient LED lighting system with 7 colors
  • Has a powerful impeller
  • Flow rate of 45 GPH
  • Has an efficient three-stage filtration system
  • Made with durable plastic
  • Easy to set up
  • Compact
  • Powerful

If you are a complete amateur in fishkeeping, chances are you are looking for 5 gallon tank fish combinations that would fit your level of expertise. The Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit is definitely the one that will help your fish thrive even with minimal supervision.

There are so many things to like about this product. First is the design. I was very impressed that the filter itself is incorporated in the tank. Not all filters can be integrated in the tank itself. This one, however, makes things a whole lot easier. The filter is separated into a small compartment which allows the fish to roam freely without getting interrupted, although the filter looks a bit bulky.

  • Has a terrific three-stage filtration system
  • Has 37 LEDs to illuminate the tank’s contents
  • Package includes: BioMax bio rings, foam block, and activated carbon
  • Durable
  • Operates quietly

Every beginning hobbyist needs a reliable and affordable aquarium kit. This way, they can slowly learn the process of maintaining their tanks and the contents thereof. If you know someone who is interested in keeping fish as a pet, the best filter that can help them succeed is the Marina LED Aquarium Kit.

What I like about this product is its reliability. I was surprised to see that it performs in a comparable level to other larger aquarium kits. Its three-stage filtration system keeps the water free from floating particles, undesirable chemicals, and harmful organisms which can prevent the fish and plants from thriving.

Novice fishkeepers should have a reliable aquarium kit to help them maintain the health of their fish. If you want to keep your pet fish and plants alive, the best product that can help you is the Tetra Crescent Acrylic Aquarium Kit.

What I appreciate about this product is its portability. Every important component of the filter is packed together in such as small space in order to bring out the highest quality of water for the fish. The filter works as if it was intended for larger tanks. Moreover, it can be easily set up without using special tools. This is perfect for busy hobbyists.

When it comes to performance, nothing beats the Penn Plax Curved Corner Glass Aquarium Kit. Whether you’re a pro or a complete novice, this product is absolutely perfect for you.

Complete beginners will absolutely love this aquarium kit. The package comes with a 5 gallon aquarium and its own filter. The filter is easy to set up; just plug it in and it is ready to go. Because the filter is so compact, it doesn’t obstruct the view. I can properly see the movements of my fish. Furthermore, the filter works quietly. This makes it an ideal decoration inside a bedroom, classroom or a library.

If you are looking for a good aquarium kit that would hide the fact that you are a complete beginner in fishkeeping, the best product that you can use in your newfound hobby is the Glofish Aquarium Tank Kits with LED Lighting.

One of the best things about this product is it comes with a 5 gallon tank. If you are a complete novice, you will find the feature quite beneficial because then you won’t have to purchase it separately. The curved shape of the tank appeals to sensitive aesthetics.

If there is a perfect product to help complete beginners to get started with fishkeeping hobby, this product is none other than Fluval 10528A1 Evo V Marine Aquarium Kit. This particular aquarium kit has features that both seasoned and novice hobbyists will surely appreciate.

The lighting system is absolutely terrific. With just one touch, I can turn on and turn off the LEDs. The lighting’s character is truly wonderful. I also realized that his can become a great decoration in any space I placed the aquarium on. What I was surprised to learn is how the LEDs are vital to coral growth. Apparently, the LEDs of this particular filter promotes the growth of said marine creature!

If you want a serious aquarium kit to help you get started on your newfound hobby, one of the best products that you should try using is the MarineLand Nook Aquarium Kit.

Personally, one of the best features of this aquarium kit is the wide front. This gives the illusion that the tank is huge. Moreover, it is very fun to see the fish swimming around because it provides a visual effect that the fish are large.

Sometimes, you don’t need a filter to ensure your pet fish’s survival. All you need is a good aquarium to launch a successful career in fishkeeping. Or maybe you want the option to purchase a separate filter yourself. For such purposes, the Aquarium Tank, Glass, 5-1/2 Gal by Carolina Biological Supply Company would be good for you.

If you want to go back to basics, this is the aquarium that you should be looking for. This 5 ½ gallon tank is made of triple-strength glass that is protected by a silicone rubber. This makes that tank able to hold the water without straining and eventually breaking.

What To Look For When Buying A 5 Gallon Aquarium


For first time fishkeeping hobbyists, buying their first aquarium may feel like a very daunting task. This is because they are not armed with enough information which could help them choose the right 5 gallon fish tank that could help them understand the delicate yet exciting field of fishkeeping.

Here are the things that you should be looking for when shopping for a 5 gallon fish tank:


When purchasing aquarium kits, the first quality that you should look for is durability. This will definitely save you money down the road. The tank must be able to withstand the pressure that the water constantly exerts. If the glass is frail, the water will easily leaks through the cracks, causing unfortunate incidents. Also, make sure that the silicone sealings are completely watertight to prevent accidents.

Ease of set up.

Amateur hobbyists need an aquarium kit that are easy to set up, otherwise they will lose interest midway. Make sure that the product that you are buying are absolutely easy to set up

Ease of maintenance.

Regular maintenance is the key to longevity of any item. This also applies to aquarium kits. However, if the aquarium is not easy to maintain, it will meet serious damage during cleaning. Make sure that the aquarium is light enough to be moved and turned around to avoid any accidents during maintenance sessions.

Aesthetically pleasing.

Who would want an ugly glass box to put their precious fish inside? No one, actually. A beautiful aquarium, no matter the size, adds elegance to any space inside (and even outside) the house. So when purchasing aquarium kits, make sure that it has the exquisite appeal that the space where it will be placed radiates.

Components included (for Aquarium Kits).

Not all aquarium kits are priced the same. This is due to the fact that not all brands use the same materials and design. There are some aquarium kits that use simple design which targets completely entry-level enthusiasts. On the other hand, there are some aquarium kits that have over the top features such as filter cover, cellphone-controlled LEDs, LED hood, among others. These features will determine the price of the aquarium kit that you are setting your sights on.

Price 5 Gallon Aquarium?

Price is always the greatest deciding factor when shopping for any item or product. If you feel that you only need the aquarium kit to gain experience about fishkeeping, it is highly suggested that you choose the affordable ones. However, if you have the budget and you wish to impress your friends, family, and loved ones, then you can choose the ones that will suit your extravagant taste.

If you think that you only need a modest aquarium, you can always the affordable ones. However, if you are about integrating the aquarium to the overall design of your home, office, or any space you think of, then you can always choose the technologically-advanced ones.

Choosing the best 5 gallon aquarium is actually not easy. There are many factors that will come into play which will decide your choice. By considering the factors mentioned above, you will not have a hard time picking the aquarium kits that will help you succeed in your fishkeeping endeavor.

Why Do You Need a 5 Gallon Aquarium?

All in all, the need for a 5 gallon fish tank varies as discussed. A lot of elements and factors should be taken into consideration in stocking a 5 gallon tank. However, if I am to sum up why the need for the 5 gallon tank exists, it is because this tank is affordable, a space saver, and a gateway to multiple uses.

If you are looking to start collecting fish tanks, or you want to add a 5 gallon fish tank to your collection, then keep these factors to consider in mind and be headed on your way!


Having an aquarium is like adding something beautiful and peaceful to your place. If you want to relax and declutter your mind, just look at your fish tank and you’re set. Even the smallest tank will do – a five gallon one. Since it will be an important part of your lifestyle, you should choose nothing but the best 5 gallon fish tank.